Monday, 21 May 2012

May Challenge - Week #3

Week #3

Purple and Green nails. I saw another blogger do this and wanted to give it a try. However my nails are too short so they didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them too. For this effect I used my Barry M nail polish in purple and green and used the Barry M white for the tips. I loved this quirky design and will be trying it in other colours.

Two tone pink nails. Once again I saw another blogger do this but in different colours. For this design I used my N7 cheeky chops and Barry M strawberry nail polish. It lasted about 3 days without chipping (the longest my nail polish has lasted in a long time).

Sunshine. After all the wet weather we were having I wanted to celebrate the sun appearing with bright nails and I brought this yellow nail polish a couple of weeks ago and it makes me smile every time I wear it.

Nail polish I used this week:
Barry M - Berry
Barry M - Mint
Barry M - Strawberry
Barry M - White
N.7 - Cheeky chops
Mini Maxfactor - Mellow Yellow




  1. love the two tone pink :) great post!

    xx Sherviii

    1. Thank you, I love those colours together too makes me feel all summery.

      Your blog is so cute, i love your week in pictures post.



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