Monday, 18 February 2013

Moving, Moving, Moving!

Hello My lovelies, 

As some of you may know I was living with my boyfriend and his parents whilst my mum was looking for a new house. We have finally found the cutest cottage only 10 minutes from the station (perfect all rounder in my eyes). But as now I am fully fledged university student with only a part-time job I was having difficulty paying my rent (sob) so last weekend in  the middle of shifts and uni work I managed to pack my half of the room at my boyfriends into some cupboard boxes and moved into my Grandma's for the next month or so till our house sell completes (let the count down begin). 

I have over the years lived in many different locations as just being me and my lovely mum we had to rent, so I have become an expert at moving and unpacking, I am looking forward to being able to stay put in one location for a couple of years whilst I finish my degree, before thinking of getting those packing boxes out again. 


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