Sunday, 25 March 2012

Eyes of Steel - Topshop Nail Polish Review

I brought this nail polish the same day as the lip tint from Topshop. From previous posts (pretty nails) I usually wear simple colours mainly natural or pastel colours. However I fell in love with this metallic colour with its hint of lilac.

I loved that it was silver on first look but then had the hidden tint of lilac running through it. It still in keeping with my girlie look but gives my nails a new edge and this colour can be worn pretty much my whole wardrobe.

I painted my nails last Saturday and applied two coats to create more shine and it has only started to chip by the Thursday and that was mainly due to typing on my keyboard for work.

My overall review of this product is that its great and I love the shine and shimmer it gives my hand. I was never one for metallics but this has now changed my opinion completely.

You can buy this from any Topshop store (that sells makeup) or from the Topshop website Link for £6.00 (not including P&P).


Topshop: Sisters of the New Moon Lip tint - Review

I actual heard about this product through another blogger and was intrigued by the colour and the pretty packaging it came in so decided to treat myself.

It reminded me initially of Barbie and took  me back to the days of me playing with Barbie's and the bright pink lipstick she wore.

However I was pleased to see that on application it became sheer with a pink pigment to the lips. It reminded me of Benefit's Poise Tint as it leaves the lips the same pretty pink tint, but without leaving them feeling dry. 

I instantly fell in love with the packaging, it's so girlie and eye catching I was instantly drawn to it. Once I saw the actual lipstick I was in love ( I was like a kid in a sweet shop) and I knew that I had to buy it.

I like wearing this on its own as it looks natural for everyday, but I have also worn this over a darker colour to give it an extra shimmer. 

Overall I really like this product, it gives a great natural tint as well as being fun. I have found it lasts round 4 - 5 hours. You can buy this from any Topshop store or from their website Link for £9.00 (not including P&P if you buy off their website).


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Birthday Dresses!

So it's a little under a week till I turn 21 (Whoop!) and it has always been a tradition of mine to buy a new outfit for the day or evening. 

This year I am working on my birthday, then being taken out for dinner, so I need two outfits. I am a massive lover of dresses and hate jeans as they never fit me (you may know what i'm talking about, if you can recommend a good place for jeans, please leave me a comment).

I have found one dress that I ordered from the Oasis, it was such a bargain would have been wrong not to buy it. 

The other dress I brought on a budget from Primark a purple shift dress, yet I am still undecided. The next big question is, what shoes do I wear?

I already have a clutch bag that would match both dresses, a classic black, but what jewellery. 

If you have any ideas please let me know as would be a massive help as i'm stuck for ideas.


Quote Time!

'You are not born with style it's something you learn. But it requires discipline. Look in the mirror, understand yourself and project an image of who you think you are - apply that to how you live. You have to do it for yourself and do it every single day. Glamour is in your brain not your eyes.'

- Oscar De la Renta.

Jessie - Lou


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bonus Time!

That's right, it's Clinique Bonus time. I remember my mum always popping into our local Boots Clinique counter to see what the Bonus was and always coming back with some very nice bits (I think that's where my love of makeup comes from).

Now the tables have turned and I am the one popping into my local Boots. I had every attention to just buy myself a new foundation as I had just squeezed the last bits out that morning. However I walked out with a with a shopping bag full of cosmetic goodies.

Sorry about the copied picture my version came out blurry on my camera and I wanted to give the full effect .

To receive the bonus you must buy at least two or more Clinique products and one must be from the skin care range. I  brought  Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser for Dry combination to Normal skin types this was £15.50 Link along with my foundation Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Foundation for Dry combination to Oily skin types, this was £21.50 Link. A new foundation brush and a new lipstick from number 17, so a very successful makeup trip in my eyes (I did this all in my one hour lunch break).

Within the Bonus gift, it contains:

  • Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer - sample size
  • Eye shadow Trio compact, includes - French Vanilla, Night Plum and Stone Violet. 
  • Repairwear Lase focus wrinkle & UV Damage corrector - sample size
  • High Impact mascara - sample size
  • Superbalm Moisturizing gloss in Grapefruit - sample size
  • Liquid facial soap - mild - sample size
  • Butterfly patterned cosmetics bag. 
I have already got a large version of the liquid facial soap and I swear by this when it comes to dry combination skin as it leaves the skin feeling clean but not tight. However I think I will now purchase the 3-step skin care system. 

If you have any comments or further recommendations please contact me. 



Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara - Review

From previous posts you would have seen that this mascara is currently my favourite product. So I have decided to give it, its own review.

I have naturally dark and long eye lashes already (i'm very lucky) but I do still love to have extra length and to define them even more. Even if they then do leave lash marks all over my glasses. I use this mascara for both day and evening makeup, but usually for my evening makeup I apply  two coats to give extra volume and maximum length (usually wearing contacts at this point).

I really like the design, it's very simple and the handle of the wand is comfy and allows for easy use, and the actual brush itself is thick and gives me the look I need. I had to admit it wasn't a cheap product, but I had been using a number 7 mascara, yet I was very disappointed with this as it flaked onto my cheek by mid-day and left my eyes itchy. I don't usually spend nearly £20 on mascara, however in this case this was money well spent and when this runs out I will be buying another one.

So a quick summary of the product, it gives a great natural look and is great for dramatic eyes for the evening. It is long lasting and doesn't flake off part way through the day like other products. You can buy this from any Benefit store or counter at larger Boots stores or online at Link for £18.50. Also on their website it gives you tips on how to apply the mascara for the best coverage. 'Position wand horizontally & wiggle from side to side, base to tip, to achieve maximum volume, length & lift. Hold wand vertically & stroke upward to curl & separate. Layer generously as desired.'


Spring Time!

(I was meant to do this yesterday but wasn't very well so only got round to posting it now)

I can't believe its officially spring time (yay). Spring is my favourite time of year, you get the fresh morning with the sum peaking through big fluffy white clouds. Daffodils and other spring flowers popping up and in the fields by my house you can see the little lambs. 
such a happy flower

Spring time also means my birthday and this year its a special year and I will be turning 21. so lots of celebrations for me and maybe an update of my winter to wardrobe to a spring edition. Also means pastel colours and pretty ballerina pumps and dewy make-up.



Monday, 19 March 2012

Ring ring, Ring ring. Monday morning calling!

If you have been following my blog you would have seen my post about Monday mornings and my feelings towards them. 

However this Monday morning was a different matter, I woke up to the sun peaking through my curtains (a nice gentle and natural wake up call, not like my usual alarm). I was in a happy mood instantly, my hair and makeup worked first time and my new beautiful blazer was waiting to be worn. 
Multi-coloured blazer - Primark £15 

However after my nice journey to work and I had just sat down at my desk with my usual black coffee  things started to go downhill when the clock struck 9.00am and my phone starting ringing. 

My happy buzz was replaced by angry rude people, shouting about a problem that was out of my control. So in an effect to get my morning buzz back I took a quick trip to Boots (Cheapside, London) for some beauty therapy and then grabbed a quick lunch with the girls and my buzz was back. 

Hope you all have had a good Monday and enjoyed the beautiful sun we are having. 

Happy Monday



Sunday, 18 March 2012

For all those wonderful Mums!

For those of you who are a Brit you will be celebrating mothers day with your own mums, grandmas and other women close to you.

I would like to give a big thank you to my beautiful gorgeous mum who has supported me in any dream I wish to embark on and guides me with her wisdom through my life.

She is my best friend as well as my mum and I would be lost without her.
Still a child at heart

Our Christmas holiday - a nice mother and daughter break.

I am now off to make her a cup of tea and help her set up her own blog (its very catching) once I have more details I will post her link so you can have a read.

Happy Mothers Day



Va Va Voom! Week 2

You may remember I was having trouble getting my hair to become full with volume and keep it that way and I found a product that stated it would help me achieve the effect I was looking for. 

Well i'm just giving you a quick update so far I am impressed the volume has stayed even after not washing my hair for two days and it is still bouncy and full. It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or greasy at the roots. 

After four weeks I will give my verdict and post a picture of the results and you can see for yourself.

Hope you are enjoying the sunny Sunday morning.



Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Jet Setting or not quite.

Today my colleague and I jet setted off to  Cambridge for an event (quick journey from London, shame it wasn't to Paris). 

I've never been to Cambridge before and I wish I got to see more than just my quick taxi ride from the station to the venue (you may be wondering what I do for a living nothing glamours like fashion writing but I'm an careers advisor). But the architecture I saw left me wanting more and wish I had time to walk around the amazing buildings and enjoy the culture. However, I wasn't that lucky and was stuck in a hot meeting room than enjoying the sunshine in a nice park.

I'm planning to organise a weekend away with the girls to enjoy this beautiful place. If anyone has any recommendations on places to stay for a weekend and all the must see places. Please leave me a comment or email me directly, I'd love to hear about all your recommendations. 

Hope you all have had a good Wednesday, we are now a step closer to the weekend. YAY.



Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Saturday night at the movies!

Recently my boyfriend G* and I have been going to the movies nearly every month (we are big film buffs) and our friends told us about this great deal that our local cinema cineworld offers. Unlimited movies for £15 a month, which will actually save us money.

So what’s the catch right? Well nothing. You can sign up online or go to your local cineworld and sign up for your unlimited pass there and then, which we decided to do (I’m dreading what my photo pass looks like, I wasn't having a good hair day that day).

Even better once you have signed up you can then get 20% off at the restaurant opposite, The Exchange bar, which is a nice place, shame we didn’t realise this discount till after we paid for our meal.

For those of you like me who only visited Odeon cinemas, at first I wasn’t sure if what I was agreeing to was going to be that good, but I was pleasantly surprised, the popcorn (I’m a sweet lover and G* the salt) was lovely and warm that melts in your mouth (prices weren’t shocking either). Once inside the actual cinema I was happy it didn’t have that disinfectant smell mixed with damp cloth like some cinemas I have been too. The temperate was just right not to hot not to cold and the seats where so comfortable I could have happily sat there all day.

The overall experience was very good and very happy we have our unlimited passes as I have already seen 4 other films I want to see. Also it’s a great way to get out the house but not spend a fortune (especially when I haven't been paid)

I have attached the link to the cineworld website if you’re interested in this offer.


Monday, 12 March 2012


I got my best friend to help me with this blog, as she is the queen of shoes. Every time I see her she has either a new pair of shoes or a a fabulous pair that I want to steal. 

I have been dreaming about wedges, some of you may be like me and can't wear sky scraper heels or in fact a any heel without falling over or walking funny (my boyfriend G* says i walk like a man when I wear heels- not a good look) so i have now found the wedges and I am head over heels in love. 

So I got my best friend I* to send me some pictures of her favourite shoes (she picked some good ones) and why she loves them and i have also got a few pictures of mine and you will see its wedges all the way for me. 

Here are I* comments about her favourite shoes.

The Statement shoe: these gold and purple shoes are amazing with a classic black outfit as they are the statement piece for any outfit or you can wear these with skinny jeans with plain tops wither black or purple.
This are amazing - one of the pairs I want to steal.

The vintage shoe - these pink peep toe heels are a classic vintage design and are fab for summer with a pretty summer dress, but also look great with jeans and a nice top, sitting back enjoying a nice refreshing drink in a beer garden.

The Classic black - you can never go wrong with the black wedge, worn anytime of the year and can be dressed up or down.
The pair I want to steal

Here are my favourite shoes, I have a varied choice I love heels (even though i can't walk in them) so have put on pair on as these I can walk in, even run in (running for a train never fun in heels) the wedges (sigh) and of course the trusty flat shoe. 

Black Shoe Boots - these are the only heels I can truly say I find comfy after a whole day at work then onto drinks. The picture isn't great and you can't see the pretty folded design at the front, but I love these and they go with pretty much everything.

The Wedge boot - as I mentioned before I love wedges and these are my favourite shoe at the moment, they go with everything from dresses or jeans. I wear them so much i am going to invest in another pair this pay day but in a different colour. 

Finally, the prettiest flat shoes I own currently (I* and I have the same pair so always have to coordinate when we meet up who's wearing them).

I got these in a fantastic sale in nine west and I have worn them with pretty much majority of my wardrobe (I have a lot of clothes, that's how much I love these shoes). I love the design of gems and beading across the front on the shoe and the black suede is lovely and doesn't mark easily which is great. 

Thanks I* for your help with today's blog. If anyone has any recommendations or want to say what their favourite shoes are please leave me a comment, would love to hear for you all :). 

Happy Monday


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pretty Nails

I’m a typical girl, and I love to paint my nails I usally have my nails one set colour either a pretty pastel colour, or French manicure which I do myself (many years of teaching and training a steady hand)

But I got an email from emerald street yesterday (creators of the stylist magazine, for those of you who don’t get the stylist magazine, this is a free magazine given out Wednesday morning at my London station or tube station) and this email was about nails, and one design was a manicure style with tips, but in a nude and jade green, I decided to give it a try but after letting it dry I decided not a look that suits me (G* my boyfriend says looks like I’ve picked my nose – typical reply for a man and my mum said looks like I’ve being painting and not wash my hands properly) so all in all nude and green nails not a good look.

I then decided to do the same style again but in different colours, dark pink with pale pink to tips. Once again something wasn’t sure about but I want to try a new style – but think I will just keep with my one colour or classic French manicure.

But have added the pictures below and the nail polish I have used (i'm only showing the two nails that look the best, typing with wet nails leads to chipped nails)

I have used Revlon 030 - gray suede as my base. Barry M  304 - Mint Green for the tips.

I have used Rimmel PRO 402 - urban purple as my base.  Barry M 309 - Strawberry for the tips. 

What's in my make-up bag?

Ok so recently I’ve been reading so many different fashion magazines and articles about fashion and beauty. However everything the magazines tell me I should have as a general make-up I don’t so am I going wrong or am I just a little slow in the update.

So below I have taken a picture of my makeup bag and the products I use in  my general everyday make up routine and would love your feedback on products you have tried and recommend or any good tips in getting that spring fresh look instead of tired winter skin.

So here you can see I have quite a small makeup bag (the bigger one is kept on my dressing table at home, this is pictured as well) this is what’s kept in my handbag so can do any touch ups during the day. I brought my makeup bag from Cath Kidston was meant to be used as an purse but I found this just to big.

 As you can see I use Maybelline Dream matt mousse foundation in ivory – I tired so many different foundations and this is best for me during the winter as hides my blotchy skin however I do also use MAC powder foundation which I love and is great when you just need a touch up before going out after work.

For a blusher I use both a bronzer by MAC as I’m so pale this gives me a touch of glow but as its matt I don’t look shiny then over the top I wear my blusher and then my highlighter from benefit I love this little tube and find it works well for both night and day make up.

My eye shadow is pretty basic I tend to wear a lot of neutral colours as this is suitable for work and I haven’t yet found another colour that I love to use – I have my basic browns and crèmes but I also have a big MAC palette which I can fill up with my own chosen shades but this is to big to carry around with me – but I have included it within my picture.

As you can see i still have loads to still get, but so many pretty colours to pick

I also use an eyebrow pencil in brown from Mac and I find this is great for defining the eyebrows and my eye liner varies from three different colours all different makes – I wear a brown or gray for during the day and then tend to wear black for an evening look – but as I wear glasses my eyeliner as to be dark or isn’t really noticed. For mascara I am currently using benefit they’re real and found its good but I have such long lashes that I haven’t noticed much of a difference, I am also testing soap & glory mascara that came free within a magazine and I really like this as well, but I am looking for a new MAC one which I hope to buy at the end of the month, if you have any recommendations that be great J.

Finally the lips, I love lipstick from pale pinks to bright seductive red. But lately I have fallen in love with a pale pink lipstick which is very much like a gloss from 17 its called beehive. I also do carry round a trusty tub of Vaseline as my lips tend to crack in the winter and I love the pink tint to it as I can get away with just wearing it on my lazy days. 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Women's Day

A day that I fully support, today is a day to celebrate inspiring women from across the world past and present and those closets to you mothers and grandmothers, aunts and friends.

So girls today is a day we should all celebrate, be it a day you celebrate as a nation as a national holiday (however the unlucky ones such as myself we still need to attend work) or celebrate in your own way by remembering the women and what they have fought for and provided for us, such as freedom to vote, better pay and women’s social standing (just to name a few) and what still is being done to help women across the world. 

Just a short blog today, but I hope you have a great ‘International women’s day’. Don’t forget about those strong women who have helped us to get where we are today.



Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Va Va Voom!

I have tried so many different hair products to get the volume I desire for my hair style, the so called Va Va Voom for hair, without having my hair done professional everyday (however I do dream of having my own team to do hair and make-up everyday, but doesn't every girl).

My hair is normal to thick, styled into a bob that just hangs nicely around my face. However by the end of the day the volume I had in the morning has now disappeared and left behind is a horrible limp style and flat as a pancake.

I have brought and used endless products to get the volume, without leaving my hair greasy. Such as thickening shampoo and conditioner, leave in products, powders and wax at the roots (currently my favourite method of achieving the volume I need).

However today whilst doing my essential boots shop I came across 'Umberto Giannini, sex bomb massive mousse'. I have used Umberto products before, a hair repair serum to help correct a big colour mishap I had a couple years ago and found this great and it did exactly what it said on the bottle.

So here i am, having just washed my hair, I am following the instructions on the bottle (as to much product can leave hair greasy and looking limp from being overpowered).

For the next month I will test 'Umberto Giannini, sex bomb massive mouse' and see if my flat limp hair becomes full with bounce and volume that lasts a whole day. I will report back to you all and if it doesn't create volume, I will be going back to the good old faithful wax at the roots and blow drying my hair upside down.



Monday, 5 March 2012

That Monday Feeling

So the weekend is over and Monday morning has come back around again within a blink of an eye. We all dread the alarm going off, but i can split my general mood into 'wake up it's a beautiful morning' this is mainly found half way through the week and the other being 'I can't be asked to move my butt out of bed'. 

So today i was in the latter mood, why did Monday have to come so quickly, was it due to the hideous cold attacking my system or could be down to the wind and rain hitting my windows at an ungodly hour. Either way I woke up without my usual buzz or smile that gets me out of bed.

Yet if your one of those lucky few who wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed (I am one of those few but only by Wednesday), your ready to face anything, I envy you all as this would make my Monday morning commute to London a lot easier.

We are have our routines for a Monday morning (or any morning for that matter), mine being a good breakfast and to cure my craving for caffeine with my first cup of black coffee and I am ready to start my day. At least till 11 when i'll need my next fix of a nice cuppa and biscuits. 

So Monday has finally come to an end (and I've ticked Monday off the count down to Friday). Leaving the office you can see everyone with a big smile spread across their faces and you know they have survived day one of the week only four more to go and and Friday will be here once again.

I hope you all had a good Monday :). 



Sunday, 4 March 2012

Thoughts of a British Girl!

Hi Everyone,

So I have finally decided to create my blog, has only taken me two years to start but now i'm finally here. You may be wondering why it has taken me so long, many reasons but mainly I never thought life and thoughts would be worthy of a blog, however after falling in love with app for my iphone 'Bloglovin' I have decided to give it ago. 

I hope you all enjoy it, as much as i enjoy writing it :)



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