Sunday, 25 March 2012

Eyes of Steel - Topshop Nail Polish Review

I brought this nail polish the same day as the lip tint from Topshop. From previous posts (pretty nails) I usually wear simple colours mainly natural or pastel colours. However I fell in love with this metallic colour with its hint of lilac.

I loved that it was silver on first look but then had the hidden tint of lilac running through it. It still in keeping with my girlie look but gives my nails a new edge and this colour can be worn pretty much my whole wardrobe.

I painted my nails last Saturday and applied two coats to create more shine and it has only started to chip by the Thursday and that was mainly due to typing on my keyboard for work.

My overall review of this product is that its great and I love the shine and shimmer it gives my hand. I was never one for metallics but this has now changed my opinion completely.

You can buy this from any Topshop store (that sells makeup) or from the Topshop website Link for £6.00 (not including P&P).


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