Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara - Review

From previous posts you would have seen that this mascara is currently my favourite product. So I have decided to give it, its own review.

I have naturally dark and long eye lashes already (i'm very lucky) but I do still love to have extra length and to define them even more. Even if they then do leave lash marks all over my glasses. I use this mascara for both day and evening makeup, but usually for my evening makeup I apply  two coats to give extra volume and maximum length (usually wearing contacts at this point).

I really like the design, it's very simple and the handle of the wand is comfy and allows for easy use, and the actual brush itself is thick and gives me the look I need. I had to admit it wasn't a cheap product, but I had been using a number 7 mascara, yet I was very disappointed with this as it flaked onto my cheek by mid-day and left my eyes itchy. I don't usually spend nearly £20 on mascara, however in this case this was money well spent and when this runs out I will be buying another one.

So a quick summary of the product, it gives a great natural look and is great for dramatic eyes for the evening. It is long lasting and doesn't flake off part way through the day like other products. You can buy this from any Benefit store or counter at larger Boots stores or online at Link for £18.50. Also on their website it gives you tips on how to apply the mascara for the best coverage. 'Position wand horizontally & wiggle from side to side, base to tip, to achieve maximum volume, length & lift. Hold wand vertically & stroke upward to curl & separate. Layer generously as desired.'


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