Monday, 12 March 2012


I got my best friend to help me with this blog, as she is the queen of shoes. Every time I see her she has either a new pair of shoes or a a fabulous pair that I want to steal. 

I have been dreaming about wedges, some of you may be like me and can't wear sky scraper heels or in fact a any heel without falling over or walking funny (my boyfriend G* says i walk like a man when I wear heels- not a good look) so i have now found the wedges and I am head over heels in love. 

So I got my best friend I* to send me some pictures of her favourite shoes (she picked some good ones) and why she loves them and i have also got a few pictures of mine and you will see its wedges all the way for me. 

Here are I* comments about her favourite shoes.

The Statement shoe: these gold and purple shoes are amazing with a classic black outfit as they are the statement piece for any outfit or you can wear these with skinny jeans with plain tops wither black or purple.
This are amazing - one of the pairs I want to steal.

The vintage shoe - these pink peep toe heels are a classic vintage design and are fab for summer with a pretty summer dress, but also look great with jeans and a nice top, sitting back enjoying a nice refreshing drink in a beer garden.

The Classic black - you can never go wrong with the black wedge, worn anytime of the year and can be dressed up or down.
The pair I want to steal

Here are my favourite shoes, I have a varied choice I love heels (even though i can't walk in them) so have put on pair on as these I can walk in, even run in (running for a train never fun in heels) the wedges (sigh) and of course the trusty flat shoe. 

Black Shoe Boots - these are the only heels I can truly say I find comfy after a whole day at work then onto drinks. The picture isn't great and you can't see the pretty folded design at the front, but I love these and they go with pretty much everything.

The Wedge boot - as I mentioned before I love wedges and these are my favourite shoe at the moment, they go with everything from dresses or jeans. I wear them so much i am going to invest in another pair this pay day but in a different colour. 

Finally, the prettiest flat shoes I own currently (I* and I have the same pair so always have to coordinate when we meet up who's wearing them).

I got these in a fantastic sale in nine west and I have worn them with pretty much majority of my wardrobe (I have a lot of clothes, that's how much I love these shoes). I love the design of gems and beading across the front on the shoe and the black suede is lovely and doesn't mark easily which is great. 

Thanks I* for your help with today's blog. If anyone has any recommendations or want to say what their favourite shoes are please leave me a comment, would love to hear for you all :). 

Happy Monday


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