Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer Savings

The summer months are upon us (well so states the month but not the weather we are currently having) and it's that time for a new summer wardrobe especially if you are those lucky one leaving the country to sunnier climates. 

Every year between June and August I treat myself to a new Summer wardrobe, be it if I go away or not always need a treat and new outfits to accommodate the British weather. 

Trust me when I say shopping on a budget for a whole new season wardrobe can be hard especially if wanting the up to date trends or high end brands (Primark is good but sometimes a girl needs another label in her wardrobe). I use to spend many a Saturday walking around the stores trying to find the perfect work/holiday combination but was coming up empty handed and frustrated. 

However with the joys of a fast wireless or my handy 02 dongle (for my tablet when i#m on the move) my shopping trips have become far less stressful and the best part many online shops allow you to have a wish list so when browsing you can save it and go back to it later (if you are like me I use to hide the outfits I liked in the store and then come back to it if I still wanted it as sizes can be snapped up quickly). Another plus with shopping online, you get first access to sale items and more items are available as not all stores stock everything, also with online prices and offers being different to those in store another huge plus. 

I have now signed up for online newsletters such as Miss Selfridge and River island and you get email promotions for new items being released, discounts such as 20% off, buy one get one free, free UK delivery and many others. I always use to be put off when buying online as what happens if it doesn't fit but with many more stores allowing free delivery back if item faulty or doesn't fit I am more willing to buy direct online than trying it on in the store and now items being with you in know time you can buy up to 3 days before jet setting off needs be. 

So with my Primark trips now over (yay) I am searching for my last minute outfits and with many online sites helping you find the perfect outfit for your style such as festival to evening I am never stuck for choice and ideas on how to wear a certain outfit. My favourite online store for inspiration is Miss Selfridge and Oasis too very different online stores but give you great ideas for any outfit in any season and if your like me and get put off seeing a dress costing £60 being able to use the higher end high street brands as inspiration and then buying something similar to it through another store at a discounted or cheaper price makes this even better, one of the best online stores i'm currently in love with is Boohoo and H&M. 

So with two weeks till my holiday in the Isle of Wight and still a huge list of things I need to buy, I will be creating my wish lists on Asos, warehouse, Oasis and many more online sites and hopefully my last minute purchases will be sorted in a instant and on my budget I hope to get more for my money. 

List of online stores I use both to buy or for inspiration:

Office - great place for those perfect shoes for your perfect outfits
New Look - they do great discounts throughout the year depending on the season
Boohoo - Such a great price Sale or No Sale and my wardrobe has grown since finding this online gem 


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Clarins spa and Bluewater shopping

As an belated birthday present my best friend ‘I’ treated herself and I to a Clarins facial at their spa in Bluewater. We have had this booked for over a month now and have been counting down the days till relaxation and girlie gossiping. We arrived to the spa eager to start our relaxation, unfortunately we couldn’t book our treatments at the same time so I was the lucky one to go first whilst she browsed the shops for a lovely long hour (which flew by).

Clarins spa  can be found on the ground floor of john Lewis under the stairs, a hidden gem (I never even knew it was there till yesterday). With the classic red and white colours within the lovely waiting area and the smell of the products in the air I could instantly start to feel my mind slowly and body relaxing. As we anything spa were products are used I had to fill in an health and safety form and once that was handed back and signed. I was allowed to my treatment room. A small size room with a massage bed in the centre and calm gentle music playing from the CD player and gentle lighting lulled me in.

As never having had an facial before I didn’t know what was required or how it would feel, I was looking forward to enjoying this experience. I was asked to remove all items of jewellery, my shoes and top and put my bra straps under my arms and get myself comfy under the covers on the bed. Once I was all snuggled in the bed (was very comfy) my spa therapist Amy talked me through what facial I was going to have and what products she would use due to my combination skin and afterwards would talk me through the products and recommend ones for me to get.

I was then asked to lay back and relax (not to hard once I got comfy). She started off by cleansing my feet (something I found strange as was here for an facial but enjoyed the sensation of creams and heat on my feet which made me instantly relax. After my feet were cleansed she started the facial asking me to take deep breathes and relax. Once my face was covered in oil (or a face mask wasn’t sure what it was but it smelt lovely) she started massaging my neck, shoulders, arms and head which was amazing a little painful at times as I have found I have very tense shoulders and the knots in them had to be worked out but after the pain came complete and utter bliss.

Before I knew it my time was up and the lights were brought back up and we were discussing the products used and which ones I wanted if any. Having never had an skin care regime before I gave in and got the lot (a little treat now and then never hurt a girl). Once left to change I headed back to the waiting room where my new products were waiting for me in a little bag and I was lucky to also get a free gift so there were added to the bag too.

Now fully relaxed and carrying a little back of treats, we headed to (Lock Fyne) to check out their lunch time menu which looked amazing and at such a decent price (2 course for £9.95). We were seated quickly and the gossiping and the catch up commenced. We ordered as for once we knew what we wanted (something that never happens) . For starters I chose potted peppered mackerel and 'I' went for watercress and crème freiche soup. Mine was to die for, however ‘I’ said hers was a little taste less. Then for mains she picked the poached mackerel and I had salmon fishcakes (yummy). We had a couple of hours to kill till ‘I’ facial so we wondered round the shops browsing the sales stopping for coffee to rest our feet and purses.

It was a lovely day and I can’t wait to book my next treatment as I felt so relaxed all day. We have decided to book again around Christmas time as a treat and an early Christmas present to ourselves and each other.

I can’t wait now to start my new skin care regime and see the difference.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bluewater Shopping

After another tight month I decided to treat myself to some new clothes (as I recently had a clear out of my old stuff - so gave me the excuse to buy new things).  Mum and I on last weekend decided to take a quick visit to bluewater and came away with some bargains. 

I have been wanting some smart shorts for work as an alternative to skirts and dresses, but having lost a little bit of weight I felt more comfortable in buying them. After a not so successful wonder round New Look, I came to the sale section (i can always here my purse give a sigh of relief especially when haven't been paid) and these smart shorts were reduced from £20 to £6, I saw no reason in why I shouldn't take them to the till and introduce them to the other clothes in my wardrobe, so now they are hanging up ready to be worn next week to work. 

We wondered round the shops not really having anything in mind that we needed, we just browsed round the sales. Both mum and I fell in love with the most beautiful coral leather handbag and took a lot for me not to buy on impulse (me walking away empty handed and mum smiling like a big Cheshire cat stroking he new leather bag). I wondered into Vera Moda browsing the sale and dresses. For the second time that afternoon, i found myself in the changing rooms with an armful of clothes. After some consideration (I was a good girl. Sod) and brought one item. A beautiful shirt dress with flamingos on it.

With having brought only two items, my need for shopping has still not been curbed and my internet history is filled with online stores and wish lists growing by the day. I can't wait for payday so my summer holiday shopping can commence.


My Week in Pictures - #Week 9

#Week 9

Pretty Blue Nails| Birds of a Feather| Its back| Pamper time

Vintage Prada Bag| Metallic Nails| Exotic Bomber Jacket| Lace Dresses and Cocktails

Oliver's Wine Bar| Skull bracelet| Raining in July| Wish I was a cat| Saturday Afternoon treats


Tony Lorenzo

Yesterday I popped on the train to Rochester to hunt for a birthday present. Which I found within 5 minutes (a new record for me) after brousing round the shops my hunger beat me and I found myself within Tony Lorenzo's Continental Paitisserie and Delicatessen. The gorgeous display of Cornish pastie and sausage roll in the window drew me in.

Tony's has two floors, the main floor being take away and second floor being the restaurant - I was going to sit in the restaurant yet it was full to the brim (always a good sign in my eyes). After a  full 10 minutes of deciding what I wanted, the options are endless I decided for a lovely black coffee and brie, bacon and walnut panini (my favourite sandwich of all time).

Whilst waiting for my panini (as its freshly made in front of you takes that little bit longer) I gave in to temptation and brought an apple danish for my desert. I had the lovely Tony serve me himself and he was happy for me to take pictures, (I only had my camera phone on me so could only get a couple of snaps).

Tony's isn't just cakes and sandwiches but on the opposite wall to the delicatessen and patisserie was filled with pasta, jams, chutney and clotted cream fudge to buy. This time I didn't buy any pasta or chutney but I will be the next time I go in which I hope will be really soon as I saw a carrot cake I really want to try.

The sandwich itself and coffee was to die for just perfect combination of brie to bacon with the nutty flavour from the walnut it went down a treat. If you are in the Rochester area (Kent) take a sneaky peek into Tony's and come out with arm full of treats as trust me you won't be disappointed. 


I 'heart' this week!

Right, I have been slacking with this kind of post over the last month or so. Mainly I loved so many things the post would be endless. But as the high street stores are being highjacked by the sales (yippee) I wanted to share the items I loved from searching the interenet and the stores themselves.

River Island Playsuit: I have been looking for a playsuit since they first hit the highstreet. But I could never find one that i liked, or fitted me properly. Untill one wet morning on the way to work, I slipped into river isalnd for a little pick me up and a peep at the sale items taking over the front of the store. After a long look I was still empty handed and a little disappointed. Yet on my last sweep before running to the office I found this cute little playsuit nestled between two dresses. I firstly put it back on the rack (stating i'll buy it on my way home) and was just walking out when i turned back around, picked up this beaut and headed towards the till with my River Island voucher in hand. At a great price of £20, 50% off I walked quickly out of the store feeling a lot happier and thinking of many differnet places to wear this playsuit (the picture above is me wearing it to the office, but plan to wear it with heels and no tights on a night out).

Mari Tote: As you are all aware I love bags and I have to have a lot of self control and not buy  a new bag every week. However when the seasons change and the sales arrive i have to add any new treasure to my ever growing collection. I have been in need of a new colourful bag (mine are mostly brown or black - very boring) and I thought colour may help the sun come out (well here is for hoping). I love this colour, its so summery but rich enough to be used in the winter months. Its a perfect size for a day bag, either ending to work, shopping or little trips to the park or beach.

Essie Mint Candy Apple: I previously posted about my newest nail polish purchase (Essie nail polish review) and ever since I have been hunting for more however my boots and Superdrug don't stock them. I have seen so many bloggers mention Essie Mint Candy Apple and I now need this polish within my ever growing collection.


Monday, 9 July 2012

Sunday Soundtrack!

It's that time again (once again i'm late in posting this). This was lasts week top 5 played tracks:

1. The Vaccines - Wetsuit
2. Prodigy - Fire Starter
3. Taylor Swift - Better than Revenge 
4. Lady Antebellum - When you were mine
5. Snow Patrol - New York 



My week in pictures - #Week 8

#Week 8
New tan bow wedges| River Island gift card| Pretty new Vera Moda dress

River Island playsuit| Handmade Amber ring from Brussels| Race for life number

At the finish line| Off to the Gym| yummy chocolate


Race for life 2012!

My number

My team the Pink Panthers

Mum and her medal
Me and my medal (such an awful picture of me)

Yesterday my mum, my boyfriend’s mum, aunt, cousin and I made our way to our local park to take part in Race for life 2012. For once we arrived at the park on time, sporting pink tops, wacky hair (in my case big bed hair) and made our way to the pop up stage for warm ups. I didn’t get any pictures of us doing our warm up as it was raining too hard.

Due to the lovely summer weather we had (or not) the race was delayed due to the course having to be changed for safety reasons. Finally at 12pm the start whistle sounded, feeling a little wet and covered in mud we were off. 5,000 women all took part and the sea of pink ahead was incredible.

The sun finally made an appearance for the last leg of the race and I made it through the finish line in 40 minutes, not too bad as I hadn’t trained for the race. We were handed our medals and a race for life goodie bag and then waited for the others to come through the finish line too. The heavens open again will a gently splattering of rain which was a nice way to cool down.

We decided we will make this a yearly outing and will be running the race next year and I heard the words wings and leg warmers being mentioned so costume may be required too. We have also registered an interested in the Shine walk and Moonwalk and are organising a training plan for these events. If you are interested in these events please have a look at the event pages and get involved as it’s such an amazing cause.

We have raised just over £100 and still collecting money, once I know the final count I will let you all know.


Butterfly Minds!

For the last couple of days it has been gloomy, dull and full of rain clouds and we are in July. So my mind seems to be like a butterfly flitting from one thought to another, and I thought I’d take you on my butterfly journey and musings of the last couple of days.

My inner child

Secret hide out for enjoying those butterfly mind moments

I want this as my bedroom

All pictures have been taken from pinterest – I unfortunately don’t have the photography skills to take these but wish I did.


Essie nail polish review

Super Bosa Nova

Mini essie nail polishes

I haven’t done a beauty review in a while (as I haven’t brought anything I thought worthy of its own post), till I purchased these cute mini Essie nail polishes.

I have similar shades to the two products, but as having heard a lot about Essie I wanted to get involved. I brought these cute little bottles from eBay for just £4 (bargain in my eyes). I love bright pink shades especially for the summer months (even if we don’t seem to be having a summer currently).

I love the shade names for all Essie products; these two are called Super Bosa Nova (pink) and Braziliant (orange). I found you only need one coat but for a more vibrant shade I used two coats. I was surprised that the nail polish hadn’t chipped within the first full day of wear like my normal polishes and probably would have last 3-4 days; however I wanted to wear the orange shade so removed before any chips appeared.

I understand now why Essie is hitting so many hearts and hands and will be buying myself a couple full size bottles, but just stuck on what ones to purchase.

Do you have any Essie nail polish and what shades would you recommend for me?



As you know my boyfriend G and I set each other the challenge of no sweets, chocolate and no junk food. I am happy to announce our challenge is over and the results are in…. we both won the challenge. I was very surprised with myself as at one point within the month I thought I was going to give it but I didn’t and now I can let the chocolate bingeing commence.

As we both won we have to split the bill for our favourite restaurant as that was the winners prize, so counting down the time to visit our favourite family run Chinese restaurant ‘Hons’ to pig out on food and pudding. 


Sunday, 1 July 2012

My week in pictures - #Week 7

#Week 7

BooHoo Cross Jumper| Mini essie nail polish| Magazine with free gift| Brazilant essie nail polish

Barry M nail polish| Pink & Purple| Noodles| Pac man keyring 

Robo Top| super Salad| Sign in the highstreet| Slutty Brownies (must make)

The Sunday Soundtrack!

Finally I have more music on my phone so my jourenys to work are a little more entertaining now. This weeks top 5 played songs:

1. Delta Goodrem  - In this life
2. Pussycat Dolls- Don't Cha
3. Garbage - The world is not enough
4. Beyonce - Single Ladies
5. Diana Vickers - Once


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