Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sunday Soundtrack (a little late)

I'm a little late in posting this, this week but here is last weeks top 5 songs:

1. Kesha - Take it Off
2. Labrinth - Earthquake
3. Rihanna - Only Girl (in the world)
4. Avril Lavigne - What the hell
5. Da Rude - Sandstorm 



May Challenge - Week #4

Blue & Green|Summer Glow|Pretty Pink|Sparkle

Sorry for not posting sooner. Well this is the last week of my challenge and i'm a little disappointed in my efforts only one design I liked. I kept things simple for this last week as had lost my inspiration (sigh).

I didn't use many colours this month and used one colour twice as it was new and I love the colour very summery.

Shades i used:
Nails Inc - Bluebell
Rimmel London - Sky high
Number 17
Maybelline - Flamingo pink
N7 - Silver top coat.

What shall I do for June's Challenge, give me your suggestions and i'll do that for the next month.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

My week in pictures - Week #3

#Week 3
Lip stick shades|Fifty shades of Grey|Pink cupcake|Glitter nails

Dotty Dress|Lunch at St Pauls|The Twits stamp
Lovely Weather|Playing in the Garden|Postcard


Mars bar Mousses

For our BBQ tonight I decided to make desert and I picked mars bar mousses as they seemed the quickest and easiest thing for me to do.

Here is the recipe for today's mousses:

4 standard mars bars, chopped
50ml milk
4tbsp cocoa powder
3 large egg white
chocolate shavings

  1. Put mars bars, milk and cocoa powder in a heavy based saucepan. Melt over a gentle heat, stirring constantly.
  2. Transfer to a bowl and leave to cool for 15 minutes. Whisking frequently (i did mine by hand) to whisk in any pieces of fudge that rise to the surface, to leave a smooth mixture
  3. Whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl until softly peaking.
  4. Using a metal spoon fold in a quarter of the whites into the sauce to lighten. Then fold in the remainder
  5. Turn the mixture into 6 small cups, glasses or ramekins. 
  6. Chill for at least 2 hours until set.
  7. Serve topped with chocolate shavings. 
Enjoy your chocolate mousses


Lazy, Hazy, Days

Once again its another beautiful day and will be back at work tomorrow (sigh) so I thought I would enjoy the sun and enjoy a lazy day. To start off my lazy day I enjoyed a nice lay in something I don't get during the week. After a lovely breakfast the maxi dress is out i'm going to enjoy the sun and then make mars bar mousses for our BBQ tonight.

What are your plans for this lovely Sunday?


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pamper Time

Well after a long week and a hot sunny one in fact, I decided that my skin, hands and feet were in some need of TLC. I found that after a long week of hot weather and air conditioning my skin felt rough and dry from them different temperatures. After relaxing in a luke warm shower I used my favourite body moisturiser by Soap and Glory I found that this always re-hydrates my skin but doesn't leave it feeling greasy (something I hate).

Unfortunately today my poor feet were sore from my shoes and now blisters have formed on my heels and sides, and my feet screamed at me for some attention. After a clean and to make sure all blister were ok, I gave myself my own pedicure (never the same but worked well for my evening of pampering). Finally my hands I change my nail polish so often (as I can;t stand the slightest chip on them) that I decided to use my new N7 limited edition silver top coat to brighten up my hands.

Even though it wasn't the usual amount of time I'd spend on a pampering night, my feet and skin feels refreshed after a long week and over the weekend will treat myself to a deep condition for my hair and a nice face mask.

What is your favourite way to relax and which item could you not live without when pampering?


Cupcakes at my desk

Today my lovely friend at work surprised us with homemade cupcakes and they were delicious. Perfect amount of icing to each cake and light and fluffy sponge. So this got me thinking on what I should bake next. As recently my baking skills have been put to the test each weekend and created yummy treats for the family and work.

With the Jubilee just around the corner and summer upon us light fluffy cakes, cocktails in the garden is what I feel is needed.

What is your favourite cake to make as would love some recommendations for this weekend?


Quote Time!

Another quote from one of my idols

'In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different'

-Coco Chanel


Bloglovin - Please follow me

My blog can be found on Bloglovin please take a look and follow

Thank you my lovelies


Summer Nails


Flamingo Pink

I love this hot weather we are having and can't wait to get my flip flops and shorts on this weekend. But to keep me gong to the weekend and the sun bathing I will be doing, I wanted to paint my nails in a vibrant pink with a top coat of silver glitter, reminds me of little sun rays raining down on me.

I recently treated myself to some new make-up as I had a voucher for Boots. I treated myself to Forever strong by maybelline in shade Flamingo pink and the new limited edition N7 silver top coat. I first tired the pink on its own on my toes and that only need one coat, however for my nails I used two coats to make sure all the nail was covered without any blotchy areas. I then added the top coat of silver which is a mixture of small and large glitter pieces. I found that the larger pieces where harder to make consistent on my nails but I like this effect.

As Boots are now offering their wonderful £5 off on N7 I will be treating myself to the other limited edition nail polish in gold.

What is your favourite top coat and which make?


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bourjois Mascara - review

I recently ran out of my ‘They’re real’ by Benefit (a very sad day) and didn't have the money this month to buy another one (sob) so I settled for Bourjois volume mascara as it was the newest to the boujois collection and was on offer (my favourite thing at the moment). The bright pink packaging drew me in and for £7.99 I thought I’d give it a try. 

I’ve now been using this mascara for the last 3 weeks and in my honest opinion I’m disappointed with it, but having said that after using ‘They’re Real’ I thought I possibly could be.  I found the wand wasn’t has flexible so didn’t give a natural curve or the volume desired.  I also found after a day’s wear the mascara would clump together and either flake onto my face or into my eyes (ouch).  I think if I had used Benefit ‘They’re Real’ before this product I would have really liked this, but has my expectations were high I think I set myself up to be disappointed. However I’m still using this mascara till I have the money to re-buy ‘They’re Real’

What is your favourite mascara?


Monday, 21 May 2012

May Challenge - Week #3

Week #3

Purple and Green nails. I saw another blogger do this and wanted to give it a try. However my nails are too short so they didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them too. For this effect I used my Barry M nail polish in purple and green and used the Barry M white for the tips. I loved this quirky design and will be trying it in other colours.

Two tone pink nails. Once again I saw another blogger do this but in different colours. For this design I used my N7 cheeky chops and Barry M strawberry nail polish. It lasted about 3 days without chipping (the longest my nail polish has lasted in a long time).

Sunshine. After all the wet weather we were having I wanted to celebrate the sun appearing with bright nails and I brought this yellow nail polish a couple of weeks ago and it makes me smile every time I wear it.

Nail polish I used this week:
Barry M - Berry
Barry M - Mint
Barry M - Strawberry
Barry M - White
N.7 - Cheeky chops
Mini Maxfactor - Mellow Yellow



Maybelline Dream fresh BB cream - Review

I have been reading a lot about the BB cream from many other beauty bloggers and at the weekend decided to see what it was all about. I was stuck on what product to buy, but decided to go with Maybelline dream fresh BB cream. It comes in four shades, light, medium, dark, ultimate glow. I decided to go with the light as I’m very pale and thought anything darker would make me go orange.

I tested the light in the store and found the coverage to be good but I knew a small section on my hand wouldn’t give me proper results till I got it home.  I was very excited about this one as it was on offer in superdrug 3 for 2 and I love new products joining my makeup bag.

At first I was a little unsure as it was very watery when squeezing out of the tube and was more a liquid than a gel but I was pleased after application how it turned out. I still used my motiuriser and I think that helped it stay for a full day especially as I was cooking. I did think the BB cream would be a little thicker and give better coverage as I did feel like I had to pile it on to get rid of blemishes. But for my first BB cream I am happy with the results as it does what it says on the tube.

I think once this one has been used up I will probably buy a different make and do a comparison and see which one I prefer. I did see superdrugs own BB cream which I want to try.


Let the games begin

For this month till the end of June my boyfriend and I have set each other a challenge.  We decided this challenge on Saturday and decided as of Monday (21 May) he would not eat any junk food or drink any fizzy drinks and he set me the challenge of not eating any confectionary including crisps. 

We decided to do this as this is what we eat most of and wanted to see if this would make a huge difference – I think it will for me as I love my chocolate and eat it every day (yummy).  

If wee succeed, we have then decided to treat each other to dinner as a congratulations to us both. However if we fail the challenge my boyfriend has to make dinner for the whole week for everyone and everyone’s lunches and I have to do the ironing for everyone (which probably doesn’t seem so bad but I hate ironing with a passion, would prefer to do the cooking).

So I’m on day 1 of our challenge and so far it seems to be going well. Yet I think that is down to me having a good day at work and not wanting to have chocolate to make myself feel better, however in a weeks’ time things could be very different.

Have you ever given up something for a month and if so what did you give up and how did you overcome the cravings as I will need all the help I can get for this challenge. 


Sunday, 20 May 2012

My week in pictures

#Week 3
Naughty Breakfast | Marble Cupcakes|soup|sightseeing in London|Me wearing my new BB cream

Marie Claire mag for the train| Coco Chanel  book| Another book finished| Spa day
Gift Buying| Life saver| Glasses of wine after work


Sunday Soundtrack!

This weeks top five played songs:

1. Adele - Rolling in Deep 
2. Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
3. Example - Changed the way you kissed me
4. Maroon 5 - Moves like Jagger
5. Pixie Lott - Mama Do



Saturday, 19 May 2012

What's in my handbag

This post has been a long time coming. I am a very nosy person and recently been reading other lovely
blogger posts on what they have in their handbags and wanted to share my own.

I have recently been brought a lovely DKNY bag for my 21st and within my lovely blue bag you can find;

My mobile phone - I am lost without this.
DKNY purse - this matches my bag and is the perfect size for any bag
Train pass
Work pass
extra strong mints - you never know when you need some minty freshness
Perfume - this varies on what i wear but is usually touch of pink
Make-up bag
hair brush
Head phones
pen - as you never know when blog ideas appear
Hand wash - this smells amazing
lip balm as lips can get so dry when sitting in an air conditioned office.


I 'heart' this weeks wish list

This weeks wish list is a jumble of things I stumbled across over the week and really wanted. I first heard about the new Chloe Jade Green shoe collection for Topshop a couple days ago and instantly feel for these beautiful wedges. These would be perfect for a causal lunch or a night out, however at £130 I will have to wait to add this to my ever growing wedge collection.

Like I've mentioned before I am a huge fan of nail polishes and have been reading about essie and my new obsession as me hunting their website for shades that should be added to my collection. What is even better essie is now be sold in selected Superdrug stores. Yet I still haven't got my hands on some essie nail polish but at the end of this month that will change (or I hope just need to pick a colour).

The beautiful denim dress is perfect for a causal day by the sea or just around the office. This dress can be brought from oasis for £50 but cheaper versions also be found in the high street stores. I'm not a huge fan of gold so I tend to wear a lot of silver and this silver bangle from Pandora is simple, elegant and works with anything.

Finally the beautiful Rouge in Love lipstick modeled by Emma Watson has caught my eye so many times that this has finally been added to my ever growing wish list.


Paris style Lookbook

The Parisian Look 
Coat - Topshop
Wedges - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Bag - Topshop


Body Scrub and Self tanning

Well summer is nearly upon us (or is here) and i'm feeling very pale and pasty and my skin is in desperate
need of some summer glow. As i'm not going away somewhere hot this year (sob) and cannot guarantee we will get constant sun and hot weather I have turned to fake tan. I've never liked fake tan as I usually hate the smell, but someone recommend Dove summer glow to me, so I picked up a bottle the other day and can't wait to build up a gradual tan, in hope I can get my legs out.

However before applying the fake tan you must always exfoliate. I previously posted about Soap & Glory flake away. Yet I stumbled across this exfoliator and it works a treat. I love the lemon smell (not to over powering but leaves the skin feeling refresh). I brought this from my local Asda store for £3 and this is my second tube.

I love the packaging very simple but with the yellow draws the eye to it instantly. Its in a tube so its easy to dispense and is easy to grip when in the shower. The granules are big and work well getting rid of any dead skin. I used it constantly for a whole week and my skin felt so much better especially as the weather was changing so often my skin was getting effected.

What self-tan do you use, and what product do you use to exfoliate?


Sight seeing in London

After our lovely spa day we wanted to finish the day with a bit of sight seeing so from Mayfair we ventured to vicotoria in the hunt for food, but on our way we did a bit of picture taking at Buckingham palace. Even though it was full with toruists and all the preparation for the Jubliee concert. The palace still looked amazing.

After a quick lunch (very lovely pasta dish from Zizzi) we then walked towards Westminster and big Ben and the London eye (something i still need to visit).Yet after  a couple hours walking and time was getting on we decided to call it a day. But with the promise of next month returning with a better camera, practical footwear and a map.

What is your favourite place in London to visit, please leave recommendations of places to see and things to do.


Make you own make-up brush holder

On the bank holiday weekend, I had a couple of free hours that I wanted to fill and I found an article on how to make your own make-up brush holders. I instantly fell in love with the idea and couldn't wait to make my own. So on the Monday afternoon I made my first make-up brush pot.

To make your own make-up pot like mine you will need:
1 jam jar or glass jar (make  sure its clean)
lace cut to length
Ribbon to decorate
glass glue.

1. firstly wash up the jar and get rid of any paper or previously glue from the jar.
2. Measure the lace around the jar and then cut to size. Do the same with your ribbon.
3. Glue both edges of the lace and along it and firmly stick down onto the jar (you may need to hold this for a minute or so to make sure it sticks) Do the same for the ribbon.



Mayfair Spa Day

The main entrance to the spa
Sorry for the delay in posts lately it has been a manic week. However to round of my very awful week my lovely cousin for my birthday brought me a spa treatment for us both to do at the Mayfair hotel, something we both needed. I met her at Victoria and we made our way to Mayfair. The hotel was beautiful inside (but silly me I forgot to take a picture) and it got better as we went downstairs to the spa.

We had all morning there, so we enjoyed our first hour in the relaxation room, it was amazing. The hot stone chairs worked a treat. We were then invited into our treatment room. We had booked an self treatment (which does exactly what is says on the tin). We firstly did a face mask, then layered deep sea mud all over (this was the fun messy bit) and then sat within a steam room waiting for the mud to dry. Once it was dried we had to then scrub sea salt onto our skin (this stung about but afterwards my skin felt good) we then sat back in the steam room enjoying the steam and heat and i felt instantly relaxed. After another 15 minutes a rain shower appeared above our seats washing off the mud and salt, this was strange at first but the warm water felt very good. The final part of the treatment was to then use the rose oil provided to give moisture to our skin after the mud and salt. (My skin was so smooth, I will be buying some rose oil to give myself  my own little home treatment). 

After our treatment we then went to the water experience room. this was very strange I was expecting a pool or something but instead 3 different showers. One was a mist shower, a normal power shower and my favourite a bucket on a rope (and yes it was very cold water).  We also enjoyed the sauana and steam room before returning to the relaxation room before we had to leave. 

Overall I had an amazing day and felt very spolit. I will defiantly be going to another spa in the near future as you come away feeling so relaxed.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Pretty and Girly

Storm in a tea cup
Recently I have become so obsessed with Twitter that I love finding new people and seeing what they tweet (I’m very nosey) and I started to follow Storm in a teacup. I have previously posted about them but had to share some of these gorgeous finds.

I love all girly accessories from pretty bow necklaces to unique brooches, to pretty hair pieces. I have recently started to wear more necklaces (I use to wear one necklace all the time but now started to mix it up depending on my outfit) and I found this gorgeous bow necklace, it has two chains attached that allows the bow to sit nicely on the neck.

I have many comments on my brooch I wear on my coat so I have been looking for a different one to alternate on my coats and I found this pretty handmade pink flower brooch. It would look great on any jacket but I also thought would make any blazer more interesting.

I have seen so many gorgeous head pieces lately especially for the festivals that will be coming soon, however my hair is too short so when I curly it springs up and doesn’t look right with a head band. Yet I saw these very cute bird slide grips. I like these as they small but very pretty and would be suitable for everyday use as well as the festivals. 

To see more lovely things please visit Storm in a teacup


Mad Men - The Dolores Dress

The Dolores Dress

I have been very lucky recently to be able to do some guest posting for the amazing website Dollymixture Clothing and I was very lucky to then be asked to post about my favourite dress, so I picked my favourite The Dolores Dress (think Mad Men) and was sent a message asking for my delivery details and dress size and that it will be with me early next week, I was so excited when I got this message (I danced around for a good five minutes). So on Saturday morning just before my very early driving lesson a parcel arrived and my gorgeous dress was here and three days earlier than expected which is even better.

The dress was even better than it looked on the website, perfect curve hugging dress (that hid all the bad bits). I tried it on quickly to just make sure it fitted and it did, was a perfect fit. It felt like it was made for me and for the first time I felt body confident and I knew this dress was going to put all my other dresses to shame (and boy was I right).

I love that the material it’s stretchy so even on those fat days I still will feel great in this dress. The detailing on the dress is lovely, I like the puff sleeves and the low cut front with folded pleats really emphasises the style of the cut. To add a little bit of a unique style two large buttons sit just on the bust line, however not to big so draws the eye to the bust area. I decided to try the dress in navy and white polka dots instead of the red design as I thought I could get more wear of it and would be suitable to wear in the office.

I have been invited to my friends university ball and fun fair and this dress will be just perfect for that evening. So I will just need some good accessories to go with this dress. I’m thinking a 50’s hairstyle, red lips and red nails with black patent bag and shoes.

Thank you again to the lovely DollyMixture Clothing and if you like this dress or looking for something a little different please visit their site Dollymixture Clothing


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kindle V The good old fashioned book

I love to read and seem to devour a book within a week or so. As I have to travel two hours a day to and from work, I seem to get through books very quickly. I have a big collection of books from science fiction, romance, crime and non-fiction in my room and boxes full of books in storage.

So for Christmas my lovely mum brought me a kindle to store all my favourite authors and make it easier to travel with my books. I love my kindle as its so handy when I read a book which has only been published in hardback it made things easier for when travelling on the train plus it can be much cheaper to buy books and very quick all you need is an internet connection. I have noticed that I have doubled up my books one as a hard copy the other stored on the kindle as these are my favourite.

However the last couple of weeks I have ditched my kindle and returned to the good old fashioned book, there is nothing like the satisfaction of finishing a book. I love my kindle but also love reading a published book, so I tend to sit on the fence on the debate on e-books V the good old fashion book.

Which do you prefer?


May Challenge - #Week 2

#Week 2

#Week 2 Nails

This week I have used a variety of colours, some plain others with a design. At the begining of the week I wore my new Nails inc Bluebell that was free with my Instyle magazine and I love this shade and it goes with so much, its a shame its a limited edition colour. I also had to have a day free of nail poliosh as my nails start to split (sob). However at work my friend wore ave ry nice shade of green on her nails and it gave me the idea for green and grey nails, yet this didn't last very long and got chipped within a day. I  loved the grey nail polish I used I still wanted to have grey nails so I also used my Barry M pink nail polish to do polka dots.

Grey & Green nails - Rimmel London Grey Matter & Rimmel London Sky high
Grey & Pink polka dot nails - Rimmel London Grey Matter & Barry M Strawberry
Nails Inc - Bluebell

If you like me to use a certain colour please let me know and i'll see what I can create.


My week in pictures

#Week 1

New Cook book|Finished book|First attempt at curly hair

Barbie colour lip tint |Maxi skirt|Pretty ring|Yummy lunch
St Pauls|Tallest tower of onion rings|Train pass


April Challenge - Week 4

#Week 4

Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|pretty grey shoes|Friday

Finally the April challenge is over and i'm going to be honest I failed at week 3 when I had to buy some new boots to walk to and from the station as my feet kept getting wet. But on the other hand I managed to wear a different outfit everyday to work (I obviously have to many clothes to not double up, but a girl can never have enough clothes). 



Sunday Soundtrack!

Finally I see the sun, what a lovely weekend we are having and my music soundtrack for last week was once again a mix of genres.

1.Taylor Swift - The story of us
2.Ellie Goulding - I'll hold my breath
3.Salt-n-Pepa - Push it
4.Gotye - Somebody I use to know
5.Pink - So what.



Saturday, 12 May 2012

Maxi Skirts - Review

I love maxi skirts and dresses, however as i'm not very tall I never felt very confident wearing them as i'm not a huge fan of heels and always thought it may drag on the floor and being short may make me look frumpy as I am not model thin. However I found this beautiful skirt in the Warehouse Christmas sale and I knew this was a different maxi skirt, something I would wear often. 

The other night I was searching through twitter and stumble across a link to a post on how to wear a maxi skirt without look frumpy. It gave me so many different ideas that I couldn't wait to wear my maxi skirt. So the next day, my maxi skirt made an appearance for the first time in my office. (As you can see I took this picture at work in our bathroom). It was such a comfy but girly outfit that my confidence in maxi skirts returned and I will be buying some more to add to my ever growing style and wardrobe. 

Next time I wear this skirt I will pair it with a black shirt, wedges and some accessories or a jumper (mainly as a comfort outfit).

How do you wear your maxi skirts?


Quote Time!

Once again I couldn't just pick one quote from one of my favourite actresses, Doris Day.

'Any girl can look glamours ... just stand there and look stupid'
- Doris Day

'If its true that men are such beats, this must account for the fact that most women are animal lovers'
-Doris Day


I 'heart' - this weeks wish list

You may have read before that I have a wish list of items I want and this is just a selection of items. I thought this wish list outfit works really well. I love the summery silk scarf print dress by oasis and I have tried this on and it looks so pretty (however due to money I couldn't justify the cost). As this is such a lovely dress and something I would wear to a wedding or even ascot I thought nude heels would work perfectly with them. I love peep toes shoes at the moment and thought these shoes would complement the dress and not distract from it.

I have also read all the hype about the new MAC collection that has just hit the stores and I cannot wait to buy my very own lipstick but for now I thought this lovely shade of red would work well with the eye shadow by Rimmel and finish the outfit perfectly.

Do you have a wish list like me and if so what is on it?


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