Monday, 21 May 2012

Let the games begin

For this month till the end of June my boyfriend and I have set each other a challenge.  We decided this challenge on Saturday and decided as of Monday (21 May) he would not eat any junk food or drink any fizzy drinks and he set me the challenge of not eating any confectionary including crisps. 

We decided to do this as this is what we eat most of and wanted to see if this would make a huge difference – I think it will for me as I love my chocolate and eat it every day (yummy).  

If wee succeed, we have then decided to treat each other to dinner as a congratulations to us both. However if we fail the challenge my boyfriend has to make dinner for the whole week for everyone and everyone’s lunches and I have to do the ironing for everyone (which probably doesn’t seem so bad but I hate ironing with a passion, would prefer to do the cooking).

So I’m on day 1 of our challenge and so far it seems to be going well. Yet I think that is down to me having a good day at work and not wanting to have chocolate to make myself feel better, however in a weeks’ time things could be very different.

Have you ever given up something for a month and if so what did you give up and how did you overcome the cravings as I will need all the help I can get for this challenge. 


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