Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My New Job

Hello My Lovelies,

As you all know I am now a uni student and my student loan will only last me so long (sob). Since I started I have been applying for Christmas work so I can have a little extra cash for presents Christmas gatherings (and little treats for myself ). 

Many job applications filled in, applications handed into stores but still hadn't heard anything. I was starting to feel a little deflated as money was running out and my mum could only help so much. But finally a break through a new LUSH store in Canterbury was opening (yay). I applied straight away with fingers and toes all crossed for an interview and finally luck was on my side and the following day I had an interview for two weeks time, que me jumping up and down with huge smile on my face, and interview is better than nothing. 

I love LUSH, the smell from the store is amazing and you can sniff LUSH out a mile away. If anyone hasn't heard of LUSH before they are a handmade cosmetics company. All products are beautifully crafted using eco-friendly ingredients, suitable for both vegans and veggies. 

Once I found out about the interview, I took a wonder to the LUSH website and Facebook page to get some background knowledge to help with my interview. Also whilst doing my research I created my wish list of goodies I wanted and put them on the Christmas list. 

Finally the interview day arrived (eek- been years since I did an interview for an retail role). It was a group interview with about 9 other girls. We first had to introduce ourselves and then we moved onto the main interview. We were split into groups and we had to create a new product etc. This was so much fun, I love being creative so this was great fun. Once this was over we were told we would find out if we got the job the following day by 6pm. So let the waiting begin. 

As my interview was on a Friday, Saturday is usually a busy day for me especially now I have essay's due, so when my phone rang late in the afternoon I thought it was my mum, however I was wrong it was my new boss. That's right I got the job. YAY.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

I was very lucky to go to the midnight showing with my best friend I to see the final part of twilight last Thursday.

We started the evening with a delicious dinner which afterwards left us all groaning from full bellies, but the chocolate brownies that she made were to die for and a heart attack waiting to happen, but to top it off we got to dip these delicious bites of heaven into warm chocolate soup. Once the kitchen  was tided and we were in our comfy slouching clothes we headed out into the cold night to the Odeon to see the final part, sob.

I was 17 when I saw the first film and immediately was in love, thanks to Stephenie Meyer she brought vampires back to life again and I devoured the books nearly as quickly as I did my friends brownies.

I won't spoil the film for all you twilight fans, but I urge you to go see it as soon as possible. Its amazing with it's twist and turns.



Hello My lovelies,

A huge apology is in order as I haven't posted for over two months, but life seemed to have taken over.

The last two months have been a busy one for me, I decided to make a big decision in October and I decided to take a career change, so I am now a university student at Canterbury Christ Church studying History to become a teacher, so I gave up my London job, London salary to pursue my dream. Eek scary.

After two months it's still the best decision I ever made. Feeling the pressure though of limited funds but fingers crossed my university loan will be appearing in my account any day now.

I will keep you updated of my university adventures, hope you love it as much as I do.



Saturday, 29 September 2012

Scotland - Day Three

The following day our feet ached from all the dancing and head definitely hurt after all the drinking, but it was well worth it. Once again mum and I made our way down to another delicious breakfast which would fill us up till dinner time (or that is what we told ourselves). 

When breakfast had went down, baths had been taken and the comfy outfits on, we made our way back to the hotel where the reception was held to say our goodbyes to everyone. As it was such a lovely morning we decided to walk which only took us about 30 minutes and it was great to be out in the fresh Scottish air (even if it was a bit chilly) and meant we could burn off the breakfast. The views on the way to the hotel were spectacular and I became very snap happy that I managed to use up my battery. 

After we said our goodbyes to everyone and enjoyed a cup of coffee we headed back to our little B&B for a little nap (whilst my camera charged) before heading towards The Birks for an afternoon walk in the woods. 

The Birks got it name from all the silver breach trees that grow within the woods. I cannot really describe the feeling of ease I found from this place but with the sun light trickling through the leaves and the sounds of the waterfalls and rives running around me, all stresses and reality worries seemed to disappear as I made my way through. 

If you are a Robert Burns fan this is where we wrote 'The Birks of Aberfeldy', take a look here. After sitting with Mr. Burns mum and I headed further into the woods, climbing to find the waterfall. We finally made it but as the rocks were so slippy we decided not to climb higher as not wearing practical hiking boots. So after taking more photos and this time filling my memory card up. We headed back to the village to visit the watermill for a cup of tea and some cake and a wonder round the bookshop, a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

Full from our cake we had another wonder round the village and nipped in to pick up some evening nibbles (mainly dip and crackers) and headed back to our room, to enjoy our evening treats and a good girlie film, before turning in for the night as we left the following morning for Edinburgh and our long journey back to Kent. 


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Scotland - Day Two

After a long day of traveling the day before a sleep in was in order. But due to wedding excitement (and finally get to wear my 1920s dress) I woke earlier than I intended, but refused to get out of bed at the ungodly hour other than getting a cup of tea. So with a steaming cup of lemon tea and the news on in the background (waiting patiently for the weather). It was finally a decent time to jump into jeans and top and head down to breakfast. The breakfast faced the front of the house but with some tables facing the garden and the hills in the background, I couldn’t help think of what it must have been like hundreds of years ago in those hills.

Like I mentioned before we had two courses to our breakfast, but attending a wedding especially if it’s in the afternoon you never really get to eat till around late afternoon but never manage to fit in lunch before going so a big breakfast was in order. The homemade granola was declivous and I could already feel myself getting full. But when my pancakes and bacon arrived that quickly disappeared and more room for food appeared and they went down a treat. I’m going to have to make this breakfast within the next couple of weeks as a little reminder of Scotland). My mum opted for more of an traditional breakfast a full English which look amazing too. Once we had finished we headed up stairs to get ready (I think 3 hours is plenty of time for hair styling, make-up prep and dress sorting).

We managed to get ready on time with 5 minutes to spare before our taxi arrived to take us to the hotel where the reception was going to be held to meet up with all the other guests. Once the guests had a arrived the boys made their appearance before walking to the castle. They looked amazing in their kilts and spoors and I could feel myself welling up already before the service already begun. But there wasn’t time for pre-tears we all got ushered onto the 1960’s bus that drove us the 5 minutes to the castle with ‘heartbeat’ playing.

When everyone had arrived and the bag pipes had started I managed to get a couple of quick snaps in before heading into the castle for the ceremony. We were take up stairs to the green room, with the open fire burning gentling on the back wall, heating us up from the cold highland air. 

The ceremony was lovely, the words shared between them both reduced the crowd to tears and the happiness from them both filled the room. After the ceremony had taken place we headed up to another floor of the castle to the pink room. This was were champagne and canapes waited. After taking a nice big glass of champagne the photographer called us together for a big group photo. My mum and I were then asked downstairs to be part of the family photos. We gathered once again at the front of the castle posing and enjoying everyone's company. 

The boys also arrange a quick tour of the castle for those wanting to explore this amazing places, as my and I had finished having our photos taken we joined the tour and explored the grounds and enjoyed the stories of the Highlands who once lived in this castle. 

After the tour we head back to the bus and was dropped and the hotel for the reception. With a large glass of wine in hand we headed to dinner and the speeches. We had a traditional Scottish meal which was to die for and will have to go pack again to try even more dishes. 

After the speeches and food had finished we headed back to the lounge area to enjoy each others company whilst the dinning room got turned into the dance floor. So we spent the rest of the night dancing away. 


Scotland - Day One

I’m once again a naughty blogger and late in posting my adventures but I have good reasons. I have been accepted into university so now rushing around sorting out loans, university materials and books and working my last weeks before I start my new adventure but more on that later.

Very close family friends got married on the 1st September in Scotland at a beautiful castle called Castle menzies. This is my second civil ceremony I have attended and the boys did not disappoint in their wedding attire and the beautiful words they shared with each, like always the tissue was at the ready and the camera snapping away capturing this beautiful day.

My mum and I started out trip to Scotland early Friday morning, the sun was shining and only a slight chill in the air reminding me that autumn and winter was just waiting round the corner. We headed straight into kings cross, took a sneaky trip to marks and sparks for our train picnic and then pret a manger for breakfast before jumping on our train to Edinburgh, 4 hour and half hours of reading my book and watching films on the laptop. Bliss. Like any journey I take I am not without the dramas of one finding my reserved seat or the air con being broken but I managed to get past that was the train pulled out of the station and made its way north. My first trip to Scotland, I felt like a kid going on my first holiday, muttering ‘are we there yet’.

After four long hours on the train we finally made it to Edinburgh and quickly jumped trains to Perth for the next leg of our journey. The journey to Perth was quick and the excitement kept building we were nearly there. after another hour on a train and traveling further north (the coat was out at this point as the rain had started to set in) we made it to our last change over to Pitlochry  Once in Pitlochry it was an 30 minute wait for a taxi to the final destination of Aberfeldy and a quick emergency stop at a chemist for sheer coloured tights for the following day our journey was nearly done.

We finally arrived at our B&B at 5.30 (been travelling for 5 hours) and shown straight to our room, which was an amazing double room (two very comfy single beds) with a huge bath room. Once we had picked our breakfast for the next morning. I decided on yoghurt and homemade granola and pancakes, bacon and maple syrup (so mouth-watering). We put our bags down, picked up the purses and walked into the town in search of dinner.

After wondering around the town we decided on something a little less traditional to Scotland as we knew we were getting traditional food at the wedding and headed into a small Indian restaurant where the food was to die for the service was impeccable and the portion size would keep me feed for at least three days. After gorging on curry and nan bread and could no longer fit another delicious bit into our bellies. we did a slow stroll back to our B&B and started the pre-wedding prep of hair wash and a nice relaxing bath to wash the day away. Once hair was washed and our clean little selves tucked up in bed with a cuppa and how I met your mother on the TV.
Castle Menzies - venue for the wedding

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Isle of Wight - See you Soon

My two weeks had come to an end, weight gained from the amount of food consumed, skins glowing from the country fresh air and a general relax feel about me. However its back to the hustle and bustle of London and back into the daily grind of working.

So here are my tips for returning back to work after two weeks away:

1. I think this is really important as i love my sleep i find it hard having to wake up at 6 after being relaxing and able to sleep in so make sure early nights are had before going back to work or you'll struggle even more.

2. Upload all pictures taken, I try and do this the first day back so I can share all my fun holiday times with everyone plus you can pick the best ones and even get them printed as a reminder of the great time away.

3. Meet up with friends, i try and catch up with friends at least once week for a coffee if not we talk all the time, yet its great fun telling holiday stories (or horror stories, luckily had none of those).

Only a few little tips which I find help me changed from holiday mode to work mode without feeling to down with the holiday blues.

Places to see and do on the Isle of Wight:

If you are planning on a small relaxing retreat away or heading the Island for a family holiday I have provided a list of things to do and see:

I'm very much a beach girl, yet I do love walking around old sea towns, historical places and I love farm shops and food markets.

Newport - this is the main town on the island, it has your usual high street shops perfect if your needing some emergencies supplies. It has a big cineworld on the business park which I headed over to a couple of times on the holiday when the weather wasn't so good.

Godshill - I love this little idyllic village and its great for a wonder round in a morning or afternoon. Has many places to stop off and eat both grown up and kids friendly. If you are heading with the whole family there is lots to do from the fairy garden to the chocolate shop. If your on your own or with no kids head to Godshill tea rooms for the most amazing cream teas and then take a look into the Godshill cider and wine shop some amazing treats in there.

Pearl Center - This has to be one of my favourite places, yes you got it right its all about pearls and wait for it in jewellery every girl has to come along to this center at least at one point to buy herself a set of pearls or maybe a few items. They can all vary from man-made pearl to your very own isle of wight fresh water pearl which i was naughty and brought couple of pieces. Please find the website link here.

Yarmouth - A typical sea town, with all its boats, fresh air, ice cream and fish and chips. Its very small but take a wonder round and you will find small side streets will little shops tucked away, calling to you to enter and explore there treasures.

If you are coming with the family you need to head over the see the needles, one of the most amazing views. I didn't make it to see them this year but plan to make a trip to see them soon, please find the link to the website for details on booking and its other attractions, here.

Blackgang chin - this is a fabulous places for the family to attend as i don't have any younger siblings or children of my own yet i haven't been however i have been told its great fun, please find the link to the website here.

Glebe Farm - this is the farm i stayed on but she also makes her own jam and has a very cute little shop where you can pop in, buy the jam you want (strawberry, mango chutney, pineapple chutney the list is endless).

Compton bay - I love this beach, it is right down under the cliffs so getting to the beach can be hard has have to go down some steep metal steps (i take my flips flops off at this point) but once your feet touch the sand the fear of the height on those steps quickly vanishes (i'm afraid of heights so the steps and i are enemies). Once you found your spot for the day, the sun, sea and sand is your playground so go enjoy it.

This is just a taster of what you can do whilst you are on the Isle of Wight, if you are planning a trip I would also try going to the garlic farm, website link here.

Its sad to come back from such an amazing holiday.


Isle of Wight - BBQ

It has been a tradition since my boyfriends family has gone to the isle of wight to have a family BBQ and invited the owners of the farm along as well. Tables groaning from the weight of food and drinks being topped up throughtout the isle of wight BBQ night is somewhat of a legend.

This is my first family BBQ on the island as last year our August weather was such a let down our food would have floated to us from the amount of rain fall we had. However this year it was different. Evey day was glourious and we picked a the best one of them all to have our BBQ. After having spent most of the day on the beach, we rushed back to the farm to get ready for the evenings fun and games. With all the caravan ovens heating up to keep plates and food warm and the frams rayburn slowly cooking our beef.

We layed out the garden tables and benches and packed it full of salads, potato salads, wine and beer and waited for chef (G's uncle) to start the BBQ. Cheers all round when the first burger hit.

After are bellies were full of meat and salads, the cricket set was set up and the game commenced. Yet the darkness set it quite quickly and the game had to be postponed due to lack of light. Another glass of wine was poured or cans of beer being opened and we set up camp in one of the caravans for the rest of the night, chatting, telling stories and enjoying the company of others.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Isle of Wight - Yarmouth & Godshill

So I have finally made it off the farm and put my kindle down for a couple of hours. My mum arrived to the farm yesterday and as it is such a lovely day we decided to take the car and take a quick drive to Yarmouth to see the boats and sea, then head back to the beach for an afternoon of playing in the sea and lying in the sun.

Yarmouth is a small town, mainly a sailing area but has one of the cutest coffee shops on the pier overlooking the sea that leads across to Southampton. As my mum hadn't been before, she was looking for idyllic pictures to take and presents to take home for the family and we were in luck in both areas.  After wondering round the secret streets, it was time for a much needed coffee and cake or in my case a traditional Isle of Wight cream tea (YUM). After savouring my last bite of the cream tea (was devoured quicker than I thought) mum and I wondered along the peer to enjoy the view and watch the boats making their adventures off to sea.

The pier takes about 5 minutes to walk and on each plank has a name or business name painted onto it, as a thank you to those who have brought a plank to keep the pier going (lovely thought). After wondering back off the pier we wondered down some little side streets to admire the boutique stores and galleries. Once we saw everything we came to see we headed back to the farm, changed into our swim suits and headed to the beach to lie in the sun and enjoy the rhythmic sounds of the waves.

As my mum was only staying on the island for a long weekend we had to pack a lot of the sight seeing into those days as well as having our fix on the beach, not easy thing to do but we did it. On the Monday the sun decided to desert us and the clouds rolled in making our early morning beach trip a little difficult, so we changed our plans and headed over to the idyllic village called Godshill. Where one of my favourite stores is located (Chocolate Island - more on this later). Godshill is the typical tourist spot, with the coach loads appearing. However due to the sun finally making its appearance when we arrived (typical) we wondered round the thatch roof cottages, hidden stores and pubs.

We stumbled across a fairy garden which was amazing (even though the fairies did scare me a little bit). After taking lots of pictures and creating little stories for the fairy queen. We nipped into Godshill cafe (famous for their cream teas) for a spot of lunch. All of us having had enough cream tea to last us a life time opted for the savoury option. Well I did anyway as my sweet fix would be happening not to long afterwards as the next stop on our Godshill tour was Chocolate island. This little shop not only has chocolate falling out the door in all shapes and flavours but through the back you can watch the very chocolate you buy being made (something I must learn to do in my life time).

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