Saturday, 22 September 2012

Isle of Wight - See you Soon

My two weeks had come to an end, weight gained from the amount of food consumed, skins glowing from the country fresh air and a general relax feel about me. However its back to the hustle and bustle of London and back into the daily grind of working.

So here are my tips for returning back to work after two weeks away:

1. I think this is really important as i love my sleep i find it hard having to wake up at 6 after being relaxing and able to sleep in so make sure early nights are had before going back to work or you'll struggle even more.

2. Upload all pictures taken, I try and do this the first day back so I can share all my fun holiday times with everyone plus you can pick the best ones and even get them printed as a reminder of the great time away.

3. Meet up with friends, i try and catch up with friends at least once week for a coffee if not we talk all the time, yet its great fun telling holiday stories (or horror stories, luckily had none of those).

Only a few little tips which I find help me changed from holiday mode to work mode without feeling to down with the holiday blues.

Places to see and do on the Isle of Wight:

If you are planning on a small relaxing retreat away or heading the Island for a family holiday I have provided a list of things to do and see:

I'm very much a beach girl, yet I do love walking around old sea towns, historical places and I love farm shops and food markets.

Newport - this is the main town on the island, it has your usual high street shops perfect if your needing some emergencies supplies. It has a big cineworld on the business park which I headed over to a couple of times on the holiday when the weather wasn't so good.

Godshill - I love this little idyllic village and its great for a wonder round in a morning or afternoon. Has many places to stop off and eat both grown up and kids friendly. If you are heading with the whole family there is lots to do from the fairy garden to the chocolate shop. If your on your own or with no kids head to Godshill tea rooms for the most amazing cream teas and then take a look into the Godshill cider and wine shop some amazing treats in there.

Pearl Center - This has to be one of my favourite places, yes you got it right its all about pearls and wait for it in jewellery every girl has to come along to this center at least at one point to buy herself a set of pearls or maybe a few items. They can all vary from man-made pearl to your very own isle of wight fresh water pearl which i was naughty and brought couple of pieces. Please find the website link here.

Yarmouth - A typical sea town, with all its boats, fresh air, ice cream and fish and chips. Its very small but take a wonder round and you will find small side streets will little shops tucked away, calling to you to enter and explore there treasures.

If you are coming with the family you need to head over the see the needles, one of the most amazing views. I didn't make it to see them this year but plan to make a trip to see them soon, please find the link to the website for details on booking and its other attractions, here.

Blackgang chin - this is a fabulous places for the family to attend as i don't have any younger siblings or children of my own yet i haven't been however i have been told its great fun, please find the link to the website here.

Glebe Farm - this is the farm i stayed on but she also makes her own jam and has a very cute little shop where you can pop in, buy the jam you want (strawberry, mango chutney, pineapple chutney the list is endless).

Compton bay - I love this beach, it is right down under the cliffs so getting to the beach can be hard has have to go down some steep metal steps (i take my flips flops off at this point) but once your feet touch the sand the fear of the height on those steps quickly vanishes (i'm afraid of heights so the steps and i are enemies). Once you found your spot for the day, the sun, sea and sand is your playground so go enjoy it.

This is just a taster of what you can do whilst you are on the Isle of Wight, if you are planning a trip I would also try going to the garlic farm, website link here.

Its sad to come back from such an amazing holiday.


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