Saturday, 22 September 2012

Isle of Wight - BBQ

It has been a tradition since my boyfriends family has gone to the isle of wight to have a family BBQ and invited the owners of the farm along as well. Tables groaning from the weight of food and drinks being topped up throughtout the isle of wight BBQ night is somewhat of a legend.

This is my first family BBQ on the island as last year our August weather was such a let down our food would have floated to us from the amount of rain fall we had. However this year it was different. Evey day was glourious and we picked a the best one of them all to have our BBQ. After having spent most of the day on the beach, we rushed back to the farm to get ready for the evenings fun and games. With all the caravan ovens heating up to keep plates and food warm and the frams rayburn slowly cooking our beef.

We layed out the garden tables and benches and packed it full of salads, potato salads, wine and beer and waited for chef (G's uncle) to start the BBQ. Cheers all round when the first burger hit.

After are bellies were full of meat and salads, the cricket set was set up and the game commenced. Yet the darkness set it quite quickly and the game had to be postponed due to lack of light. Another glass of wine was poured or cans of beer being opened and we set up camp in one of the caravans for the rest of the night, chatting, telling stories and enjoying the company of others.


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