Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Scotland - Day Two

After a long day of traveling the day before a sleep in was in order. But due to wedding excitement (and finally get to wear my 1920s dress) I woke earlier than I intended, but refused to get out of bed at the ungodly hour other than getting a cup of tea. So with a steaming cup of lemon tea and the news on in the background (waiting patiently for the weather). It was finally a decent time to jump into jeans and top and head down to breakfast. The breakfast faced the front of the house but with some tables facing the garden and the hills in the background, I couldn’t help think of what it must have been like hundreds of years ago in those hills.

Like I mentioned before we had two courses to our breakfast, but attending a wedding especially if it’s in the afternoon you never really get to eat till around late afternoon but never manage to fit in lunch before going so a big breakfast was in order. The homemade granola was declivous and I could already feel myself getting full. But when my pancakes and bacon arrived that quickly disappeared and more room for food appeared and they went down a treat. I’m going to have to make this breakfast within the next couple of weeks as a little reminder of Scotland). My mum opted for more of an traditional breakfast a full English which look amazing too. Once we had finished we headed up stairs to get ready (I think 3 hours is plenty of time for hair styling, make-up prep and dress sorting).

We managed to get ready on time with 5 minutes to spare before our taxi arrived to take us to the hotel where the reception was going to be held to meet up with all the other guests. Once the guests had a arrived the boys made their appearance before walking to the castle. They looked amazing in their kilts and spoors and I could feel myself welling up already before the service already begun. But there wasn’t time for pre-tears we all got ushered onto the 1960’s bus that drove us the 5 minutes to the castle with ‘heartbeat’ playing.

When everyone had arrived and the bag pipes had started I managed to get a couple of quick snaps in before heading into the castle for the ceremony. We were take up stairs to the green room, with the open fire burning gentling on the back wall, heating us up from the cold highland air. 

The ceremony was lovely, the words shared between them both reduced the crowd to tears and the happiness from them both filled the room. After the ceremony had taken place we headed up to another floor of the castle to the pink room. This was were champagne and canapes waited. After taking a nice big glass of champagne the photographer called us together for a big group photo. My mum and I were then asked downstairs to be part of the family photos. We gathered once again at the front of the castle posing and enjoying everyone's company. 

The boys also arrange a quick tour of the castle for those wanting to explore this amazing places, as my and I had finished having our photos taken we joined the tour and explored the grounds and enjoyed the stories of the Highlands who once lived in this castle. 

After the tour we head back to the bus and was dropped and the hotel for the reception. With a large glass of wine in hand we headed to dinner and the speeches. We had a traditional Scottish meal which was to die for and will have to go pack again to try even more dishes. 

After the speeches and food had finished we headed back to the lounge area to enjoy each others company whilst the dinning room got turned into the dance floor. So we spent the rest of the night dancing away. 


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