Monday, 10 September 2012

Isle of Wight - Yarmouth & Godshill

So I have finally made it off the farm and put my kindle down for a couple of hours. My mum arrived to the farm yesterday and as it is such a lovely day we decided to take the car and take a quick drive to Yarmouth to see the boats and sea, then head back to the beach for an afternoon of playing in the sea and lying in the sun.

Yarmouth is a small town, mainly a sailing area but has one of the cutest coffee shops on the pier overlooking the sea that leads across to Southampton. As my mum hadn't been before, she was looking for idyllic pictures to take and presents to take home for the family and we were in luck in both areas.  After wondering round the secret streets, it was time for a much needed coffee and cake or in my case a traditional Isle of Wight cream tea (YUM). After savouring my last bite of the cream tea (was devoured quicker than I thought) mum and I wondered along the peer to enjoy the view and watch the boats making their adventures off to sea.

The pier takes about 5 minutes to walk and on each plank has a name or business name painted onto it, as a thank you to those who have brought a plank to keep the pier going (lovely thought). After wondering back off the pier we wondered down some little side streets to admire the boutique stores and galleries. Once we saw everything we came to see we headed back to the farm, changed into our swim suits and headed to the beach to lie in the sun and enjoy the rhythmic sounds of the waves.

As my mum was only staying on the island for a long weekend we had to pack a lot of the sight seeing into those days as well as having our fix on the beach, not easy thing to do but we did it. On the Monday the sun decided to desert us and the clouds rolled in making our early morning beach trip a little difficult, so we changed our plans and headed over to the idyllic village called Godshill. Where one of my favourite stores is located (Chocolate Island - more on this later). Godshill is the typical tourist spot, with the coach loads appearing. However due to the sun finally making its appearance when we arrived (typical) we wondered round the thatch roof cottages, hidden stores and pubs.

We stumbled across a fairy garden which was amazing (even though the fairies did scare me a little bit). After taking lots of pictures and creating little stories for the fairy queen. We nipped into Godshill cafe (famous for their cream teas) for a spot of lunch. All of us having had enough cream tea to last us a life time opted for the savoury option. Well I did anyway as my sweet fix would be happening not to long afterwards as the next stop on our Godshill tour was Chocolate island. This little shop not only has chocolate falling out the door in all shapes and flavours but through the back you can watch the very chocolate you buy being made (something I must learn to do in my life time).


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