Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hello My lovelies,

A huge apology is in order as I haven't posted for over two months, but life seemed to have taken over.

The last two months have been a busy one for me, I decided to make a big decision in October and I decided to take a career change, so I am now a university student at Canterbury Christ Church studying History to become a teacher, so I gave up my London job, London salary to pursue my dream. Eek scary.

After two months it's still the best decision I ever made. Feeling the pressure though of limited funds but fingers crossed my university loan will be appearing in my account any day now.

I will keep you updated of my university adventures, hope you love it as much as I do.




  1. Hi Sweetie, Just checking in on your fab blog. been a while for me too.. went a bit off the scene hehe. OMG can't believe your a uni student babe!! go you!

    so so proud!! keep me posted.

    LOVE LC xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey My Lovely,

    I have been so bad and not kept up to date on my blog got lots to add lol and yeah i've been reading your posts every morning on my way to uni. I love them.

    I know its so exciting, i love uni and made some amazing friends too. will keep you posted on everything.



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