Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Clarins spa and Bluewater shopping

As an belated birthday present my best friend ‘I’ treated herself and I to a Clarins facial at their spa in Bluewater. We have had this booked for over a month now and have been counting down the days till relaxation and girlie gossiping. We arrived to the spa eager to start our relaxation, unfortunately we couldn’t book our treatments at the same time so I was the lucky one to go first whilst she browsed the shops for a lovely long hour (which flew by).

Clarins spa  can be found on the ground floor of john Lewis under the stairs, a hidden gem (I never even knew it was there till yesterday). With the classic red and white colours within the lovely waiting area and the smell of the products in the air I could instantly start to feel my mind slowly and body relaxing. As we anything spa were products are used I had to fill in an health and safety form and once that was handed back and signed. I was allowed to my treatment room. A small size room with a massage bed in the centre and calm gentle music playing from the CD player and gentle lighting lulled me in.

As never having had an facial before I didn’t know what was required or how it would feel, I was looking forward to enjoying this experience. I was asked to remove all items of jewellery, my shoes and top and put my bra straps under my arms and get myself comfy under the covers on the bed. Once I was all snuggled in the bed (was very comfy) my spa therapist Amy talked me through what facial I was going to have and what products she would use due to my combination skin and afterwards would talk me through the products and recommend ones for me to get.

I was then asked to lay back and relax (not to hard once I got comfy). She started off by cleansing my feet (something I found strange as was here for an facial but enjoyed the sensation of creams and heat on my feet which made me instantly relax. After my feet were cleansed she started the facial asking me to take deep breathes and relax. Once my face was covered in oil (or a face mask wasn’t sure what it was but it smelt lovely) she started massaging my neck, shoulders, arms and head which was amazing a little painful at times as I have found I have very tense shoulders and the knots in them had to be worked out but after the pain came complete and utter bliss.

Before I knew it my time was up and the lights were brought back up and we were discussing the products used and which ones I wanted if any. Having never had an skin care regime before I gave in and got the lot (a little treat now and then never hurt a girl). Once left to change I headed back to the waiting room where my new products were waiting for me in a little bag and I was lucky to also get a free gift so there were added to the bag too.

Now fully relaxed and carrying a little back of treats, we headed to (Lock Fyne) to check out their lunch time menu which looked amazing and at such a decent price (2 course for £9.95). We were seated quickly and the gossiping and the catch up commenced. We ordered as for once we knew what we wanted (something that never happens) . For starters I chose potted peppered mackerel and 'I' went for watercress and crème freiche soup. Mine was to die for, however ‘I’ said hers was a little taste less. Then for mains she picked the poached mackerel and I had salmon fishcakes (yummy). We had a couple of hours to kill till ‘I’ facial so we wondered round the shops browsing the sales stopping for coffee to rest our feet and purses.

It was a lovely day and I can’t wait to book my next treatment as I felt so relaxed all day. We have decided to book again around Christmas time as a treat and an early Christmas present to ourselves and each other.

I can’t wait now to start my new skin care regime and see the difference.


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