Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bluewater Shopping

After another tight month I decided to treat myself to some new clothes (as I recently had a clear out of my old stuff - so gave me the excuse to buy new things).  Mum and I on last weekend decided to take a quick visit to bluewater and came away with some bargains. 

I have been wanting some smart shorts for work as an alternative to skirts and dresses, but having lost a little bit of weight I felt more comfortable in buying them. After a not so successful wonder round New Look, I came to the sale section (i can always here my purse give a sigh of relief especially when haven't been paid) and these smart shorts were reduced from £20 to £6, I saw no reason in why I shouldn't take them to the till and introduce them to the other clothes in my wardrobe, so now they are hanging up ready to be worn next week to work. 

We wondered round the shops not really having anything in mind that we needed, we just browsed round the sales. Both mum and I fell in love with the most beautiful coral leather handbag and took a lot for me not to buy on impulse (me walking away empty handed and mum smiling like a big Cheshire cat stroking he new leather bag). I wondered into Vera Moda browsing the sale and dresses. For the second time that afternoon, i found myself in the changing rooms with an armful of clothes. After some consideration (I was a good girl. Sod) and brought one item. A beautiful shirt dress with flamingos on it.

With having brought only two items, my need for shopping has still not been curbed and my internet history is filled with online stores and wish lists growing by the day. I can't wait for payday so my summer holiday shopping can commence.


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  1. Love it babe! great taste.. I tried that gorgeous dress on too!! hahaha

    Love ya xxxxx LC


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