Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer Savings

The summer months are upon us (well so states the month but not the weather we are currently having) and it's that time for a new summer wardrobe especially if you are those lucky one leaving the country to sunnier climates. 

Every year between June and August I treat myself to a new Summer wardrobe, be it if I go away or not always need a treat and new outfits to accommodate the British weather. 

Trust me when I say shopping on a budget for a whole new season wardrobe can be hard especially if wanting the up to date trends or high end brands (Primark is good but sometimes a girl needs another label in her wardrobe). I use to spend many a Saturday walking around the stores trying to find the perfect work/holiday combination but was coming up empty handed and frustrated. 

However with the joys of a fast wireless or my handy 02 dongle (for my tablet when i#m on the move) my shopping trips have become far less stressful and the best part many online shops allow you to have a wish list so when browsing you can save it and go back to it later (if you are like me I use to hide the outfits I liked in the store and then come back to it if I still wanted it as sizes can be snapped up quickly). Another plus with shopping online, you get first access to sale items and more items are available as not all stores stock everything, also with online prices and offers being different to those in store another huge plus. 

I have now signed up for online newsletters such as Miss Selfridge and River island and you get email promotions for new items being released, discounts such as 20% off, buy one get one free, free UK delivery and many others. I always use to be put off when buying online as what happens if it doesn't fit but with many more stores allowing free delivery back if item faulty or doesn't fit I am more willing to buy direct online than trying it on in the store and now items being with you in know time you can buy up to 3 days before jet setting off needs be. 

So with my Primark trips now over (yay) I am searching for my last minute outfits and with many online sites helping you find the perfect outfit for your style such as festival to evening I am never stuck for choice and ideas on how to wear a certain outfit. My favourite online store for inspiration is Miss Selfridge and Oasis too very different online stores but give you great ideas for any outfit in any season and if your like me and get put off seeing a dress costing £60 being able to use the higher end high street brands as inspiration and then buying something similar to it through another store at a discounted or cheaper price makes this even better, one of the best online stores i'm currently in love with is Boohoo and H&M. 

So with two weeks till my holiday in the Isle of Wight and still a huge list of things I need to buy, I will be creating my wish lists on Asos, warehouse, Oasis and many more online sites and hopefully my last minute purchases will be sorted in a instant and on my budget I hope to get more for my money. 

List of online stores I use both to buy or for inspiration:

Office - great place for those perfect shoes for your perfect outfits
New Look - they do great discounts throughout the year depending on the season
Boohoo - Such a great price Sale or No Sale and my wardrobe has grown since finding this online gem 


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