Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Final Countdown!

Sorry for not having posted sooner I have been having a very busy couple of weeks and this week has been no different. I'm now counting down to two things;

1. My tattoo, three days now till i'll be sitting in the tattoo shop waiting for my first ever tattoo and i'm so nervous, it's not cause I don't want it done its that fear of what will it look like, what if he spells it wrong or the worse what if it gets infected. I have been wanting a tattoo now since I was 18 but never could find something I liked or know where I wanted it for ages. I booked this tattoo two months ago and thought that give me plenty of time to back out. But now its all paid for and on saturday i'll be there (eeek filled with nervous engery and excitment).

2. In two weeks I'll be packing my suitcases, packing up the car and hiding endless bags of sweets for the journey to the Isle of Wight. My boyfriend and I with his family go to the Isle of Wight every year. You may wonder what can you do there every year and but believe it or not it's the most relaxing time I have away. No worries over luggage getting lost, delayed flights or tummy bugs (unless drinking and eating too much counts). This will be my third year in the Isle of Wight and I couldn't wish it here sooner, my body and brain are urging me to relax and hopefully enjoy the sun whilst staying on our friends farm.

However before all of the relaxing I need to do some last minute shopping as you never know what the weather can do and last another week at work before my relaxtion haven (retreat) starts.


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