Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tony Lorenzo

Yesterday I popped on the train to Rochester to hunt for a birthday present. Which I found within 5 minutes (a new record for me) after brousing round the shops my hunger beat me and I found myself within Tony Lorenzo's Continental Paitisserie and Delicatessen. The gorgeous display of Cornish pastie and sausage roll in the window drew me in.

Tony's has two floors, the main floor being take away and second floor being the restaurant - I was going to sit in the restaurant yet it was full to the brim (always a good sign in my eyes). After a  full 10 minutes of deciding what I wanted, the options are endless I decided for a lovely black coffee and brie, bacon and walnut panini (my favourite sandwich of all time).

Whilst waiting for my panini (as its freshly made in front of you takes that little bit longer) I gave in to temptation and brought an apple danish for my desert. I had the lovely Tony serve me himself and he was happy for me to take pictures, (I only had my camera phone on me so could only get a couple of snaps).

Tony's isn't just cakes and sandwiches but on the opposite wall to the delicatessen and patisserie was filled with pasta, jams, chutney and clotted cream fudge to buy. This time I didn't buy any pasta or chutney but I will be the next time I go in which I hope will be really soon as I saw a carrot cake I really want to try.

The sandwich itself and coffee was to die for just perfect combination of brie to bacon with the nutty flavour from the walnut it went down a treat. If you are in the Rochester area (Kent) take a sneaky peek into Tony's and come out with arm full of treats as trust me you won't be disappointed. 


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