Sunday, 15 July 2012

I 'heart' this week!

Right, I have been slacking with this kind of post over the last month or so. Mainly I loved so many things the post would be endless. But as the high street stores are being highjacked by the sales (yippee) I wanted to share the items I loved from searching the interenet and the stores themselves.

River Island Playsuit: I have been looking for a playsuit since they first hit the highstreet. But I could never find one that i liked, or fitted me properly. Untill one wet morning on the way to work, I slipped into river isalnd for a little pick me up and a peep at the sale items taking over the front of the store. After a long look I was still empty handed and a little disappointed. Yet on my last sweep before running to the office I found this cute little playsuit nestled between two dresses. I firstly put it back on the rack (stating i'll buy it on my way home) and was just walking out when i turned back around, picked up this beaut and headed towards the till with my River Island voucher in hand. At a great price of £20, 50% off I walked quickly out of the store feeling a lot happier and thinking of many differnet places to wear this playsuit (the picture above is me wearing it to the office, but plan to wear it with heels and no tights on a night out).

Mari Tote: As you are all aware I love bags and I have to have a lot of self control and not buy  a new bag every week. However when the seasons change and the sales arrive i have to add any new treasure to my ever growing collection. I have been in need of a new colourful bag (mine are mostly brown or black - very boring) and I thought colour may help the sun come out (well here is for hoping). I love this colour, its so summery but rich enough to be used in the winter months. Its a perfect size for a day bag, either ending to work, shopping or little trips to the park or beach.

Essie Mint Candy Apple: I previously posted about my newest nail polish purchase (Essie nail polish review) and ever since I have been hunting for more however my boots and Superdrug don't stock them. I have seen so many bloggers mention Essie Mint Candy Apple and I now need this polish within my ever growing collection.


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