Monday, 19 March 2012

Ring ring, Ring ring. Monday morning calling!

If you have been following my blog you would have seen my post about Monday mornings and my feelings towards them. 

However this Monday morning was a different matter, I woke up to the sun peaking through my curtains (a nice gentle and natural wake up call, not like my usual alarm). I was in a happy mood instantly, my hair and makeup worked first time and my new beautiful blazer was waiting to be worn. 
Multi-coloured blazer - Primark £15 

However after my nice journey to work and I had just sat down at my desk with my usual black coffee  things started to go downhill when the clock struck 9.00am and my phone starting ringing. 

My happy buzz was replaced by angry rude people, shouting about a problem that was out of my control. So in an effect to get my morning buzz back I took a quick trip to Boots (Cheapside, London) for some beauty therapy and then grabbed a quick lunch with the girls and my buzz was back. 

Hope you all have had a good Monday and enjoyed the beautiful sun we are having. 

Happy Monday



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