Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Saturday night at the movies!

Recently my boyfriend G* and I have been going to the movies nearly every month (we are big film buffs) and our friends told us about this great deal that our local cinema cineworld offers. Unlimited movies for £15 a month, which will actually save us money.

So what’s the catch right? Well nothing. You can sign up online or go to your local cineworld and sign up for your unlimited pass there and then, which we decided to do (I’m dreading what my photo pass looks like, I wasn't having a good hair day that day).

Even better once you have signed up you can then get 20% off at the restaurant opposite, The Exchange bar, which is a nice place, shame we didn’t realise this discount till after we paid for our meal.

For those of you like me who only visited Odeon cinemas, at first I wasn’t sure if what I was agreeing to was going to be that good, but I was pleasantly surprised, the popcorn (I’m a sweet lover and G* the salt) was lovely and warm that melts in your mouth (prices weren’t shocking either). Once inside the actual cinema I was happy it didn’t have that disinfectant smell mixed with damp cloth like some cinemas I have been too. The temperate was just right not to hot not to cold and the seats where so comfortable I could have happily sat there all day.

The overall experience was very good and very happy we have our unlimited passes as I have already seen 4 other films I want to see. Also it’s a great way to get out the house but not spend a fortune (especially when I haven't been paid)

I have attached the link to the cineworld website if you’re interested in this offer. http://www.cineworld.co.uk/unlimited


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