Saturday, 10 March 2012

What's in my make-up bag?

Ok so recently I’ve been reading so many different fashion magazines and articles about fashion and beauty. However everything the magazines tell me I should have as a general make-up I don’t so am I going wrong or am I just a little slow in the update.

So below I have taken a picture of my makeup bag and the products I use in  my general everyday make up routine and would love your feedback on products you have tried and recommend or any good tips in getting that spring fresh look instead of tired winter skin.

So here you can see I have quite a small makeup bag (the bigger one is kept on my dressing table at home, this is pictured as well) this is what’s kept in my handbag so can do any touch ups during the day. I brought my makeup bag from Cath Kidston was meant to be used as an purse but I found this just to big.

 As you can see I use Maybelline Dream matt mousse foundation in ivory – I tired so many different foundations and this is best for me during the winter as hides my blotchy skin however I do also use MAC powder foundation which I love and is great when you just need a touch up before going out after work.

For a blusher I use both a bronzer by MAC as I’m so pale this gives me a touch of glow but as its matt I don’t look shiny then over the top I wear my blusher and then my highlighter from benefit I love this little tube and find it works well for both night and day make up.

My eye shadow is pretty basic I tend to wear a lot of neutral colours as this is suitable for work and I haven’t yet found another colour that I love to use – I have my basic browns and crèmes but I also have a big MAC palette which I can fill up with my own chosen shades but this is to big to carry around with me – but I have included it within my picture.

As you can see i still have loads to still get, but so many pretty colours to pick

I also use an eyebrow pencil in brown from Mac and I find this is great for defining the eyebrows and my eye liner varies from three different colours all different makes – I wear a brown or gray for during the day and then tend to wear black for an evening look – but as I wear glasses my eyeliner as to be dark or isn’t really noticed. For mascara I am currently using benefit they’re real and found its good but I have such long lashes that I haven’t noticed much of a difference, I am also testing soap & glory mascara that came free within a magazine and I really like this as well, but I am looking for a new MAC one which I hope to buy at the end of the month, if you have any recommendations that be great J.

Finally the lips, I love lipstick from pale pinks to bright seductive red. But lately I have fallen in love with a pale pink lipstick which is very much like a gloss from 17 its called beehive. I also do carry round a trusty tub of Vaseline as my lips tend to crack in the winter and I love the pink tint to it as I can get away with just wearing it on my lazy days. 

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