Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pretty Nails

I’m a typical girl, and I love to paint my nails I usally have my nails one set colour either a pretty pastel colour, or French manicure which I do myself (many years of teaching and training a steady hand)

But I got an email from emerald street yesterday (creators of the stylist magazine, for those of you who don’t get the stylist magazine, this is a free magazine given out Wednesday morning at my London station or tube station) and this email was about nails, and one design was a manicure style with tips, but in a nude and jade green, I decided to give it a try but after letting it dry I decided not a look that suits me (G* my boyfriend says looks like I’ve picked my nose – typical reply for a man and my mum said looks like I’ve being painting and not wash my hands properly) so all in all nude and green nails not a good look.

I then decided to do the same style again but in different colours, dark pink with pale pink to tips. Once again something wasn’t sure about but I want to try a new style – but think I will just keep with my one colour or classic French manicure.

But have added the pictures below and the nail polish I have used (i'm only showing the two nails that look the best, typing with wet nails leads to chipped nails)

I have used Revlon 030 - gray suede as my base. Barry M  304 - Mint Green for the tips.

I have used Rimmel PRO 402 - urban purple as my base.  Barry M 309 - Strawberry for the tips. 

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