Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Revlon Lip Butters - Review

I've only just got round to doing this post, even though i brought them last month. But thought i'd test all 3 and give my verdict. 

I first heard about the 'up and coming' lip butters from other bloggers but couldn't get hold of them for a while as my Boots (Cheapside) hadn't stocked it yet (sob) each day I would check if it arrived but on lovely sunny afternoon (they seem a distant memory at the moment with our horrible weather) I stumbled across them and I was in luck as they were in 3 for 2 offer boots had on at the time (YAY). So I brought 3 shades that had caught my eye from previous posts from other bloggers:
1. Peach Parfit
2.Berry Smoothie
3. Macroon

I love how they just glide over the lips without leaving them sticky (something I really hate). I found the pigment for each shade really good especially 'Berry Smoothie' matches my skin tone perfectly as is warming but natural. I found that each shade lasted for about 3-4 hours and kept my lips moisturized.

The packaging makes the product look more expensive than it is, with its quilted casing which also matches the shade of the lip butter. 

However I have found that when its gets hot (warm in a handbag) the lip butter starts to melt leaving the case messy and the lip butter soft. 

Overall I really like the lip butter and will be buying more shades (only 14 here in the UK) but will have to keep them out of the heat.

You can buy them in Boots or Superdrug stores at £7.99. 

What is you favourite Lip butter colour?


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