Monday, 23 April 2012

Barry M's Pastel Nails.

I am loving the pastel shades from Barry M and I couldn't decided which colour to wear over the weekend so decided to wear them all - resulting in Skittle Nails.

I found the Pink,Peach,Purple and Green coated better and need only two coats. However the blue needed more coats (3-4) as it was very watery and didn't cover as well as the other shades.

The pink shade coated well with one coat however I prefer two coats and it comes out as a bubblegum shade. 

The Purple (violet) also coats well with just one but I prefer to do two coats or even three. 

The Peach (orange) coats better with two rather than one and I love this shade its so summery and reminds me of sherbet that goes on top of ice cream (yummy).

The Green (mint) one coat makes it a very pastel shade and if you use two like I have in the picture above it reminds me of a mint green (exactly what is says on the bottle).

The Blue however was very disappointing and coated badly and the picture above needed three coats to make it match the other nails, however with one coat it was very blotchy and separated on the nail meaning it covered mainly the sides of my nail rather the main nail itself. 

Overall I love the pastel shades from Barry M and skittle nails will be making another appearance throughout summer. I brought all of these shades from my local Boots store at £2.99 (such a bargain) but you also can buy these from any Superdrug store for the same price.


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