Monday, 23 April 2012

Barry M with 3D glitter nails!

As you can probably tell i'm having an evening of nails. I have now removed the skittle nails as they were all chipped (and I hate chipped nails) and decided to use the mint green pastel nail polish by Barry M. 

However I thought it looked a little plain just all green and decided to use my new 3D nail polish from accessorize (a birthday present from my lovely friend) and only got round to wearing it now. To my surprise it covered well leaving enough pastel below to give my nail a two tone effect and they are very sparkly.

As the 3D nail polish is just being used as an single coat, it isn't giving much of an 3D effect but I am happy with what the results so will be buying more shades from accessorize within the next couple of weeks. 

What is you favourite nail polish colour and make?


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