Saturday, 9 June 2012

May Favourite Purchases

Fifty Shades Series

Sleek eyeshadow Palette| Maxfactor Duo lipstick
River Island Dress| Silver N7 nail polish

Sorry this post is a little late in appearing (oops). May has been a strange month for me as I have had very little money yet seem to have brought loads of make-up (boots vouchers have helped). I have to admit I wanted to buy some new work clothes yet when I went to my usual shops I was very disappointed and couldn't find anything that suited me or that was in my price range. I’m hoping June and July will be more promising as I’m in desperate need of a summer wardrobe (any suggestions of places to get nice summer clothes please leave a comment).

Maxfactor Duo Lipstick – I heard about this from another beauty blogger (fleur De Force) and she posted her views on this shade and I fell in love with it and I wanted to add it to my grow collection of lipsticks. I love that you can wear each shade individually, combined or be fearless and wear it as a statement. I tend to wear mine combined as not very confident in wearing the separately on my lips.

River Island Dress – I brought this in a charity shop the other weekend and I love the retro colours. I feel very 80’s in it and it has been lovely wearing it the sun and its long enough to not have to wear leggings with it.

Fifty Shades Trilogy – I love these books. On reading the first book I was shocked and understood why it has been dubbed ‘Mummy Porn’. But I have to admit I love these books, I think they have been very well written and the characters are brought to life you feel their pain, confusion and love and it is continues throughout each book. I have now got three of my friends hook into the trilogy and like me they are finding them gripping and we love getting together to have a gossip over what we have read.

N7 Silver top coat – This is one of the limited edition shades to the summer collection and I love it, it sparkles so much and so far I have worn it over a coral pink shade. I will be adding the gold from the summer collection to my ever growing nail polish collection at home.

SLEEK eye shadow palette – I treated myself to this palette back at the beginning of the month as my friend recommend this to me as a cheap selection for everyday wear as I had been looking for natural tones. I picked my palette up from my local Superdrug for £7 and I love the tones inside very natural but the darker shades are perfect for Smokey eyes or evening make-up.


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