Saturday, 9 June 2012

Make-up Haul

Make up Haul

Face Masks
The other day my mum and I took a trip to our local shopping center and I couldn't help but pop into Superdrug to see what I could find. Didn't think I would be leaving with a bag full of goodies but very glad I did. I love Superdrug and even more so as they have 3 for 2 on all make-up so I couldn't resists and filled my basket up quickly. 

I had heard a lot about MUA and its amazing prices so had to add some eye shadow and two lipsticks to the collection. The shades I picked from the eyeshadow collection I don’t have at home and for £1 I couldn’t find any reason in not buying them.  I unfortunately couldn’t find the eye primer by MUA so I think I will have to do some more hunting and hopefully be able to pick one up soon.

I also added more nail polishes to my ever growing collection and you can’t beat Barry M, they are cheap (£2.99) and coat nicely and come in so many beautiful colours I will slowly have them all. This time I picked up two shades, Silver Lilac and a pretty pink glitter shade.

My local Superdrug has only recently brought Accessorize to the collection of cosmetics available. I recently had heard about their new range for the summer and the packaging is what made me buy it, its very girlie and summery and haven’t seen packaging like this before that doesn’t make the product look cheap. I couldn’t decide two shades but in the end I pick shade 5 smitten but now I wish I picked up a couple more as they are so nice.

I also noticed the eyeshadows across many ranges that were a merge of colours and couldn’t decide which shades would be best but in the end I picked from the accessorize range and bronze and pink eye shadow dome and green and gold merge eye shadow.

Recently I have noticed my lips getting very dry so I picked up softlips lipbalm in French vanilla. It is only a small tube but very effective and leaves my lips feeling soft rather than greasy.

Finally I picked up some facemasks for 10p such as bargain and one for 49p. At the weekend my boyfriend is away so will be treating myself a pamper night with facemasks and good girlie films.
Individual posts will be done shortly on what I think of each product and my honest opinions of them.
What is the newest product you brought and where from?


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