Sunday, 17 June 2012

Go, go gadgets

I recently have been paid and have been wanting an ipad or android tablet for awhile now so I can blog more easily on the go. I first started looking at the ipad as that is what everyone seemed to use and rave about. Yet when I saw the price tag that idea went qkuickly out of the window ( maybe one day I'll own an ipad).

So I then started to look at Android tablets, I recently upgraded my phone from an iphone 3 to an sony ericson xperia which is andriod. I then spent endless hours reading reviews on the blackberry playbook, samsung galaxy tab and the zenithink tab. My boyfriend's friend also has a zenithink pad and I explained to him what I wanted it for and he told me this would be perfect.

I then had to find one, I started hunting and came across some through amazon. Many were being shipped from Hong Kong but I was lucky to find a UK seller. Then I just had to wait for it to arrive (felt like a very long week). But it finally it arrived on Friday just in time for the weekend.

Can't wait to be able to blog on the move now.


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