Sunday, 10 March 2013

New Hair colour

I use to colour my a lot when I was younger and as a result I damaged my hair so much that I had to have it cut short and had to have several deep conditioning treatments to bring my hair back to life (sob).

So for the last year or so I haven't had any hair colour on my hair until I decided to give henna a try at work (Lush). I firstly decided to colour my hair red and it was a beautiful shade so vibrant and the cocoa butter within the henna left my hair so shinny and soft it felt at its best.

So what is henna you ask? its not the same as the henna that you can paint onto the skin, but is full of herbs, red henna, cocoa butter. You can buy henna as a powder that you can make into a paste yourself from any natural food store. But the henna from lush comes in a block which you break down and melt with hot water.

How to colour your hair? Make sure when colouring that its clean hair but dry:

  1. To start cut up the block and place them in the saucepan and pour hot water over to make a paste (cream like) make sure you wear gloves throughout as it can stain the skin.
  2. I always cover the roots first as they can be difficult to get to if you leave them to last.
  3. Once the roots are covered start with the lower sections of the hair as once the henna is applied to the hair it can become quite heavy and hard to move. 
  4. Once the hair is completely covered, it can be messy so make sure you either get someone else to do it or help and cover the floor to stop it from staining. 
  5. When you feel your hair is covered enough, if you are wanting a vibrant colour wrap the hair in cling film and heat. 
  6. Leave the colour on the hair for 1-4 hours 
  7. Once you have reached 1-4 hours of the colour setting, wash out making sure the water runs clean and shampoo and condition as normal 
This is my hair colour after using lush's caca rouge. 

I have recently coloured my hair back to brown (caca brun) as I found the red faded quickly and I didn't have the time to keep the red the vibrancy I wanted. 


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