Sunday, 10 March 2013


As you all know I work part-time at Lush and well we know what that means i've been naughty and over the last month been buying up basically the whole store. I won't share everything as we could be here for years but i'm going to share my favourite purchases:

Emotional brilliance - is the new liquid make-up range based on colour therapy. I have brought quite a few as I just love all the colours and the concept but these are my favourite shades that I wear all the time:

Perspective - Liquid Lipstick
Passionate - Liquid Lipstick
Vibrance - Liquid Lipstick
Decsive - Liquid Lipstick
Independent - Liquid eye liner
Focus - Liquid eyeshadow
Eyes Right mascara

Left to Right: Passionate, Perspective, Independent, Focus, Eyes Right, Decisive, Vibrant

Bathtime -

Brightside - this is an amazing new bubble bar that smells of oranges ... so delicious
Creamy Candy - another bubble bar which is full of cocoa butter
butterball - this is a very moisturising bath ballistic and smells so yummy its good enough to eat

Shower -

As however much I would love to have a bath everyday i can't so i settle for some lovely LUSH bath products to still get my Lush fix and narrowed it down to two favourite products:

Its raining men - honey, honey, honey is all i need to say (if you have never tried this product, rush down to your nearest lush and take a smell and buy)

Turkish delight  shower smoothie - this product took awhile to grow on me but now i can't get enough of it, its so jam packed of roses that the skin smells like a summers day

Body - 

Sympathy for the skin - is the best body and hand lotion I have ever had, I love the smell of vanilla so when I stumbled across this little gem I couldn't have been happy

Ultrabland - an amazing cleaners that softens the skin, reduces blemishes and redness and even takes off make-up and eye make-up.


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